Log 2015, Smöla SDR with beverage antennas 315 or 290 degrees

630 15.1. 0730- GBR: BBC Radio Cornwall. Very good signal. KM (Smøla) Edit
846 24.8. 2100- ITA: Challenger Radio, Milano. Italian Radio Relay Service. ID. E-mail QSL from Dr. Ing. Maurizio Anselmo, president CEO. No signals on the new frequency 567 or the old one 1368. KM (Smøla) Edit
1098 18.10. 1851- SVK: Radio Devín. id. FB QSL after 1 hour. KM (Smøla) Edit
1611 29.3. 1830-1845 ITA: GOLD 15-93 AM, . Test transmission. WEB: http://gold1593.caster.fm/ E-MAIL: gold1593radio@gmail.com – QSL card received April 9. See blog la2to.wordpress.com. KM (Smøla) Edit
1431 18.3. 2220- DJI: R. Sawa, Djibouti. Strong signal, s9 at times. KM (Smøla) Edit
1431 5.5. 1942- DJI: Radio Sawa. nice id. Any QSLs from this one? KM (Smøla) Edit
1530 18.3. 2100-2130 STP: VOA Sao Tomé. Very strong signal, s9+. KM (Smøla) Edit
1530 8.9. 0345- STP: VOA Sao Tomé. Aurora conditions. Strong signal. KM (Smøla) Edit
1550 7.1. 2145-2200 ALG: Saharwi Arab Dom. National Radio. possible id on the hour. KM (Smøla) Edit
846 18.10. 2030- IRN: R Tabriz. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1575 5.5. 1910- UAE: Radio Farda. nice id. Anyone seen QSLs from this station? KM (Smøla) Edit
North America
560 16.1. 0700- USA: WGAN Portland ME. id. QSL from Erik Bilstad, Executive Producer, News. KM (Smøla) Edit
580 4.1. 0602- CAN: CFRA Ottawa ON. ID after the news. KM (Smøla) Edit
580 17.1. 0600- CAN: CFRA Ottawa ON. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
580 15.2. 0700- CAN: CFRA Ottawa ON. KM (Smøla) Edit
590 27.7. 0145- CAN: VOCM St. John’s NL. First NA stn of the season // other outlets 620, 710 and 570. After 02z the signal transfer is very unstable. Also tried the OJS Cloud SDR. Maybe the hotel internet here in Portugal sucks? KM (Smøla) Edit
610 17.1. 0605- USA: WIOD Miami FL. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
620 30.9. 0215- CAN: CKRM Regina SK. KM (Smøla) Edit
620 21.1. 0900- USA: WTMJ Milwaukee WI. Id. Fighting with VOCM. QSL from Erik Bilstad, Executive producer, news. KM (Smøla) Edit
660 7.10. 0430- CAN: CFFR Calgary AB. KM (Smøla) Edit
680 23.9. 0405- CAN: CJOB Winnipeg MB. an “680 CJOB” ending the wx report. QSL back in 1986. KM (Smøla) Edit
680 7.10. 0629- CAN: CJOB Winnipeg MB. KM (Smøla) Edit
700 30.9. 0235- CAN: CJLI Calgary AB. //web. KM (Smøla) Edit
710 17.1. 0650- USA: WAQI Miami FL. Found a “Radio Mambi” id on the recording. KM (Smøla) Edit
740 11.1. 0535- CAN: CBX Edmonton AB. CBC news. KM (Smøla) Edit
750 14.2. 1145- CAN: CKJH Melfort SK. playing CCR “Proud Mary” // web. KM (Smøla) Edit
750 4.9. 0326- CAN: CKJH Melfort SK. “CK 750”. KM (Smøla) Edit
760 28.9. 0605- USA: WJR Detroit MI. id before RER continued. This also may have been in my log in the early days, but new since the new beginning. KM (Smøla) Edit
790 19.1. 0930- USA: KFGO Fargo ND. Id. QSL from v/s Peter F. Tanz, Senior Vice President, Midwest Communications Inc. (New state for me). KM (Smøla) Edit
790 26.1. 0725-0735 USA: WPRV, Providence, RI. Id after RER and local ads “AM-790”. QRM from R. Reloj + another NA. (Possible id of the NY station earlier). KM (Smøla) Edit
800 16.2. 0900-0903 CAN: CJAD Montreal QC. id before CTC continued. Strong signal. QSL this evening from v/s Chris Bury, News and Program Director. KM (Smøla) Edit
840 30.9. 0247- CAN: CFCW Camrose AB. ID. Best on LSB. First time I hear it on the new frequency. KM (Smøla) Edit
840 12.1. 0535- USA: WHAS Louisville KY. id “News Radio 840 WHAS”. Quick reply from v/s Kelly Carls Regional Programming Manager, iHeartMedia. KM (Smøla) Edit
850 28.9. 0555- USA: WKNR Cleveland OH. ESPN radio. Local ads for Cleveland companies. KM (Smøla) Edit
860 28.9. 0554- CAN: CJBC Toronto ON. FF “Ici Premiere” id. KM (Smøla) Edit
870 28.9. 0548- USA: WWL New Orleans LA. ID. I might have heard it in the early years, but it’s new since the new beginning. KM (Smøla)Edit
880 28.9. 0542- CAN: CHQT Edmonton AB. id. An other station under. That was usually the case on many frequencies this morning. KM (Smøla) Edit
890 11.1. 1030- CAN: CJDC Dawson Creek BC. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
890 31.1. 0730- USA: WAMG Deadham MA. South American music before ID. // web. KM (Smøla) Edit
900 14.2. 0835- CAN: CHML Hamilton ON. KM (Smøla) Edit
920 11.1. 0115- CAN: CFRY Portage La Praire MB. id after country music. Old aquaintance. QSL from back in -75. KM (Smøla) Edit
920 19.1. 0525- CAN: CKNX Wingham ON. ID. KM (Smøla) Edit
920 17.1. 0555- USA: WHJJ Providence RI. id. E-mail v/s Bill George, Program & News Director. KM (Smøla) Edit
930 8.1. 0145- CAN: CJCA Edmonton AB. religious px // web. KM (Smøla) Edit
930 11.1. 0515- CAN: CJCA Edmonton AB. ID “AM 930 the light”. KM (Smøla) Edit
930 13.3. 2200- CAN: CJYQ St. John’s NL. KM (Smøla) Edit
930 30.7. 0040- CAN: CJYQ St. John’s NL. “This is Newfoundland Labrador”. Good signal also on the next night. KM (Smøla) Edit
940 28.9. 0538- CAN: CJGX Yorkton SK. “GX94”. KM (Smøla) Edit
950 8.1. 0150- CAN: CFAM Altona MB. //web. Had an announcement between two classical pieces. Sent a report and got QSL from Ed Siemens, Engineer. KM (Smøla) Edit
950 30.9. 0110- USA: WWJ Detroit MI. “WWJ Newsradio 950”. KM (Smøla) Edit
960 17.1. 0830- USA: WEAV Plattsburg NY. Id. “960 The Zone” + WEAV. KM (Smøla) Edit
970 13.2. 1600-1630 ALS: Tentative: KFBX Fairbanks AK. A morning show started just after 16. Haven’t found any id on bx. KM (Smøla) Edit
970 7.10. 0505- ALS: KFBX Fairbanks AK. ABC nx, CTC. id. Tnx OJS. KM (Smøla) Edit
970 23.9. 0521-0532 USA: WDAY Fargo ND. nice id after the news. KM (Smøla) Edit
970 13.1. 0700- USA: WZAN Portland ME. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
980 14.1. 0630- CAN: CHRF Montréal QC.. //Web. QSL Jan 26 from Yvan Ruel at Radio Fierté, as this station is called. KM (Smøla) Edit
980 30.9. 0135-0200 CAN: CJME Regina SK. “Newstalk 980” won the fight between several stations. One SS coming up from time to time was interesting and has to be checked. Also CHRF was in this mess. Came up with a FF song at the end. KM (Smøla) Edit
1040 1.4. 0452- USA: WHO Des Moines, IA. id “WHO News Radio”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1060 7.10. 0448- CAN: CKMX Calgary AB. id. Comedy. KM (Smøla) Edit
1060 1.10. 0200- USA: WQOM Natick MA. “Station of the cross” id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1070 28.9. 0408- CAN: CHOK Sarnia, On. a station with CBS news on TOH has to be checked. Plus a station with SS talk fighting with these two. KM (Smøla) Edit
1070 28.9. 0500- USA: KNX Los Angeles CA. it’s 10 o’clock, CBS news. KM (Smøla) Edit
1090 29.9. 0620- USA: WBAL Baltimore MD. id. Heard back in the old days, but no QSL, so I will try this time. One of the last signals on the band this morning which was typical east coast oriented. KM (Smøla) Edit
1100 14.2. 0700- USA: WTAM Cleveland OH. id after CTC. KM (Smøla) Edit
1110 14.2. 0705- USA: WBT Charlotte, NC. id after nx, then CTC. KM (Smøla) Edit
1120 15.2. 0335-0350 USA: WKAJ Saint Johnsville NY. Oldies, like Elvis, mentioning Schenectady in talk between two songs. KM (Smøla) Edit
1130 14.2. 1012- USA: WISN, Milwaukee, WI. going through old recordings and found this one. KM (Smøla) Edit
1140 8.1. 0200- CAN: CHRB High River AB. Ending program “Focus on the Family” // web. After that I found no more from the area. Signals faded out. QSL from Mr. Jay Penner, Station Manager. KM (Smøla) Edit
1140 17.3. 0310- USA: WRVA Richmond VA. Coast to coast. LA coming up. KM (Smøla) Edit
1150 27.9. 0555-0600 CAN: CKOC Hamilton ON. local ads for Hamilton companies. Fox Sport Radio id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1150 25.1. 0830- USA: WHBY Kimberly, WI. id after “Coast to Coast”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1160 23.9. 0507- USA: KSL Salt Lake City UT. nice id after wx report. KM (Smøla) Edit
1160 26.9. 0434- USA: KSL Salt Lake City UT. Some West Coast also before this time. KOMO was strong, but after 0440 someone removed the antenna? Nothing at all except Europe :). KM (Smøla) Edit
1160 6.2. 0645- USA: WYLL Chicago IL. ID: “AM 1160 Hope for your life”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1190 11.1. 0200- USA: WLIB New York NY. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1200 23.9. 0535-0540 USA: KFNW West Fargo ND. rel. tlk. // web. KM (Smøla) Edit
1210 3.9. 0440- CAN: VOAR St. John’s NL. last signal this morning. KM (Smøla) Edit
1220 23.9. 0500- CAN: CJRB Boissevain MB. classical mx. Ad from the sponsor at 0400. KM (Smøla) Edit
1240 18.9. 0522- CAN: CKIM Baie Verte NL. VOCM id. The uid on 1230 was indeed WCMC which is running oldies format. Tnks OJS. KM (Smøla) Edit
1240 22.1. 0903- USA: WSNJ Bridgeton, NJ. My short and rather poor recording with id was confirmed by John A. Salvatore, Operations Manager. KM (Smøla) Edit
1250 8.4. 0425- CAN: CHSM Steinbach MB. classical music in the night. Stn with talk fading up was of more interest. KM (Smøla) Edit
1250 23.9. 0503- CAN: CHSM Steinbach MB. ad from the sponsor between class. mx. Not shure if I’ve heard it before. At least new since the new beginning. KM (Smøla) Edit
1250 2.1. 0745-0800 CAN: CJYE Oakville ON. ID 0800. KM (Smøla) Edit
1250 14.2. 0844- CAN: CJYE Oakville ON. KM (Smøla) Edit
1280 14.2. 0635- CAN: CFMB Montreal QC. Italian // WEB, id? KM (Smøla) Edit
1280 21.1. 0920- USA: WNAM Neenah-Menasha, WI. Nice jingle followed by a Don Mc.Lean song. KM (Smøla) Edit
1280 12.2. 0640- USA: WNAM Neenah-Menasha, WI. QSL 16.2.: PDF letter + coverage map and photo of Oshkosh, their prime area, from v/s Steve Griesbach, Chief Engineer. KM (Smøla) Edit
1290 8.1. 0155- CAN: CFRW Winnipeg MB. // web. KM (Smøla) Edit
1290 4.1. 0115-0120 CAN: CJBK London ON. Puerto Cabello was almost gone. Good id at 01.20. KM (Smøla) Edit
1290 15.2. 0605- CAN: CJBK London ON. Id before CTC. Coast to Coast is not included in KOJE list or NRC log. Found a list of stations here: http://archive.coasttocoastam.com/affiliates/aa.html?theme=light. KM (Smøla) Edit
1290 30.3. 0430- USA: WNBF Binghamton NY. “Newsradio 1290 WNBF”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1300 6.2. 0700- USA: WOOD Grand Rapids MI. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1300 27.9. 0610- USA: WOOD Grand Rapids MI. id before CTC. KM (Smøla) Edit
1300 20.1. 0255- USA: WXRL Lancaster NY. KM (Smøla) Edit
1310 5.2. 0900- USA: WIBA Madison WI. id “13-10 WIBA”. Tnx OJS. KM (Smøla) Edit
1320 4.1. 0905-0910 CAN: CJMR Oakville ON. ID. Then the intense QRN took over. KM (Smøla) Edit
1320 15.2. 0620- CAN: CJMR Oakville ON. Usually etnic px, but not this time. Just music and English id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1330 22.1. 0900- USA: WRCA Watertown MA. Id followed by “Electric Comedy Hour” by Jeremy. (Heard it before, but no QSL yet). Finally QSL from v/s Stu Fink, General Manager who says this is one of the best recordings he had heard from DX- ers. KM (Smøla) Edit
1330 29.9. 0515- USA: WRCA Watertown MA. Jim Reeves. ID. KM (Smøla) Edit
1350 29.9. 0600- USA: WOYK York PA. NBC sport radio. Id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1360 14.2. 0925- USA: WMOB Mobile AL. nice id. Strong signal. New state. KM (Smøla) Edit
1360 18.1. 1000- USA: WTAQ Green Bay WI. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1360 8.4. 0645- USA: WTAQ Green Bay WI. Coast to Coast. Stn with country under was more interesting. KM (Smøla) Edit
1370 1.5. 0245- USA: WDEA Ellsworth, ME. id. Just to indicate that there were some East Coast stations this night. Most common ones, that I could hear. KM (Smøla) Edit
1380 4.1. 0900- CAN: CKPC Brantford ON. ID. KM (Smøla) Edit
1380 8.4. 0635- CAN: CKPC Brantford ON. ID. KM (Smøla) Edit
1380 14.2. 1140- USA: WOTE Clintonville, WI. local ads before ESPN continued, possible id, tnks Arvid for notifying. KM (Smøla) Edit
1390 17.9. 0440-0445 USA: WEGP Presque Isl ME. Id. Back on air Sep. 10 with religious programming, acc. to FCC. http://licensing.fcc.gov/cgi- bin/ws.exe/prod/cdbs/forms/prod/prefill_and_display.pl?Application_id=1687341&Form_id=910&Facility_id=9423. KM (Smøla)Edit
1390 15.2. 0630- USA: WEGP Presque Isle ME. id in a Coast to Coast break. Station under was of more interest. KM (Smøla) Edit
1390 14.2. 1000- USA: WLCM Holt, MI. id. E-mail QSL from Station manager Jeff Frank, March 11. (N8HEE). KM (Smøla) Edit
1400 21.1. 0607- USA: WOND Pleasantville NJ. “News Radio WOND”. QSL v/s Dave Coskey says he has posted a card in the mail. KM (Smøla) Edit
1410 2.1. 0510- CAN: CJWI Montreal QC. Finally got an id: CPAM Radio Union. KM (Smøla) Edit
1420 14.2. 0940- USA: WOC Davenport IA. ID before CTC continued. KM (Smøla) Edit
1430 14.8. 0245- CAN: CHKT Toronto, ON. Ethnic. Probably Punjabi // web. Other Ontario stations this morning: 1320, 1380. KM (Smøla) Edit
1430 3.3. 0550-0600 USA: KEZW Aurora, CO. full id mentioning KOSI FM – confirmed July 27. KM (Smøla) Edit
1430 4.9. 0345- USA: KLO Ogden UT. “KLO World Class Talk”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1430 23.9. 0420- USA: KLO Ogden UT. ID. KM (Smøla) Edit
1430 16.2. 0540-0550 USA: WNSW Newark NJ. Relevant Radio id. QSL after few minutes from Rose M Schauer, Donor Listener Relations Manager. KM (Smøla) Edit
1440 17.1. 0200- USA: WRED Westbrook ME. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1450 3.1. 0455-0500 USA: WPGG Atlantic City NJ. Repeated announcements: “Thanks for listening to talk radio WPG”. Fighting with a station with nostalgic music. KM (Smøla) Edit
1450 6.1. 0905- USA: WPGG Atlantic City NJ. id “1450 WPG Talk Radio”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1450 9.1. 0930- USA: WPGG Atlantic City NJ. id “WPG”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1450 1.10. 0255-0305 USA: WPGG Atlantic City NJ. RER. Fox news. KM (Smøla) Edit
1450 2.1. 0900- USA: WPSE Erie PA. ID “WPSE – Your money station” found on the recording. Thanks for that tip, OJS and ABU. KM (Smøla) Edit
1450 18.1. 0905- USA: WPSE Erie PA. ID. Tnx OJS. KM (Smøla) Edit
1460 8.4. 0710- USA: Tentative: KTLC Dickinson ND. Coast to coast fading down after nx + CJOY fading up w id. KTLK is the only station with CTC on 1460 acc. to CTC website. KM (Smøla) Edit
1470 25.9. 0450- USA: WLAM Leviston ME. id. But SS speaking YL dominated. (315). KM (Smøla) Edit
1470 16.2. 0555- USA: WLAM Lewiston Me. ID. KM (Smøla) Edit
1470 15.3. 0415- USA: WWNN Pompano Beach FL. Fighting with a SS station. KM (Smøla) Edit
1480 1.4. 0735- USA: WGVU Kentwood MI. Real Oldies 1450/850. KM (Smøla) Edit
1480 14.2. 1020- USA: WGVU Muskegon, MI. id mentioning // 850. Station with oldies also. Thanks Arvid for notifying. QSL April 2. KM (Smøla)Edit
1480 30.9. 0750- USA: WGVU Muskegon, MI. One of the last signals this morning. “Real Oldies 14-80”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1480 29.9. 0530- USA: WSAR Fall River MA. Nice id: “Fall River number 1 radio station, all day, every day, we are 1480 WSAR Fall River” + ABC nx. KM (Smøla) Edit
1490 18.1. 0900- USA: WBAE Portland ME. ID. “WBAE AM 1490”. Tnx OJS. KM (Smøla) Edit
1490 18.9. 0443- USA: WBAE Portland ME. “AM 1490 – The Bay”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1510 1.5. 0200- USA: WMEX, Boston MA. id. QSL from the station before as WMRE, but first time I got a recording of the new call. KM (Smøla) Edit
1520 1.4. 0450- USA: KKXA Snohomish WA. “classic country KXA”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1550 28.9. 0830- USA: KKOV Vancouver WA. weak signal, no id yet but // web. Tnks Arvid H for notifying. KM (Smøla) Edit
1560 6.3. 0445- USA: WFME New York NY. full id mentioning special QSL card available now as well as tel. no and web adr. Familyradio.org. KM (Smøla) Edit
1580 1.4. 0407- USA: Tentative: KREL Colorado Springs, CO. Fox Sports Radio. KM (Smøla) Edit
1590 4.1. 0130- USA: WAKR Akron OH. Id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1590 1.1. 2300- USA: WARV, Warwick, RI. ID. My first RI. Good cx. Many early east coast stations. Checked VOCM 590 at 2045 and it was booming in. KM (Smøla) Edit
1590 14.2. 0000- USA: WARV, Warwick, RI. Beautiful jingle. S9 that moment. KM (Smøla) Edit
1600 1.4. 0430-0440 USA: KPNP Watertown MN. asiatic music // web, QSB down in the noise level before any talk. KM (Smøla) Edit
1600 2.4. 0635- USA: WAAM Ann Arbour MI. Coast to coast with George Noory. An other station under. KM (Smøla) Edit
1600 2.5. 0025- USA: WUNR Brooklyn, MA. //web. KM (Smøla) Edit
1600 30.9. 0601- USA: WUNR Brooklyn, MA. ID. Hoping for something else. KM (Smøla) Edit
1630 1.4. 0500- USA: KCJJ Iowa City, IA. Id “The mighty 1630”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1630 30.9. 0345-0400 USA: KRND Fox Farm WY. good id at 0400. Musica Mexicana. Fighting with an other station with EE tlk // web http://lajotamexicana.com/. KM (Smøla) Edit
1640 2.4. 0330- USA: WSJP Sussex WI. “Relevant Radio” + an other station with talk. KM (Smøla) Edit
1640 4.1. 0140- USA: WTNI Biloxi MS. sport tlk. Southern Net IMG sports network. // web. QSL from Ricky Mitchell, Vice President/Market Manager. KM (Smøla) Edit
1650 4.1. 0135- CAN: CINA Mississauga ON. id “1650 Seena Radio”. This is not CJRS as I reported earlier. QSL from Rick Sargent, Operations Manager. KM (Smøla) Edit
1650 14.2. 2335- CAN: CJRS Montreal QC. Good signal // web. KM (Smøla) Edit
1650 1.4. 0555- USA: KBJD Denver, CO. “Radio Luz” id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1660 1.4. 0505- 0520 USA: KQWB West Fargo ND. country music. Id 0515 and 0520 – ss station fading up some times. KM (Smøla) Edit
1670 2.1. 0730- CAN: CJEU Gattineau-Ottawa QC. Barneprogram. Id på halvtimen. KM (Smøla) Edit
1670 14.2. 2315- CAN: CJEU Gattineau-Ottawa QC. KM (Smøla) Edit
1670 2.5. 0045- USA: WPLA Macon GA. Fox sport radio. KM (Smøla) Edit
1680 14.2. 0245- CAN: CJLO Montreal QC. id Px “Beyond the graveyard part 3” followed with good rock. KM (Smøla) Edit
1680 14.2. 0300- USA: WTTM Lindenwold NJ. ID. KM (Smøla) Edit
1680 1.9. 0340- USA: WTTM Lindenwood NJ. La Unika Radio // web http://www.radiowttm1680.com/index_files/Page592.htm. KM (Smøla)Edit
1680 4.1. 0105- USA: WTTM Lindenworld NJ. // web. Weak. Faded out before id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1690 4.1. 0030- CAN: CHTO Toronto ON. KM (Smøla) Edit
1700 14.2. 2300- USA: WJCC Miami Springs Fl. ID “Radio Mega”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1700 4.8. 0135- USA: WRCR Ramapo NY. good signal strengt s7-8. Id before more music. City of license is Ramapo, but radio locator says Spring Valley. Quick QSL from KD2KI, Alex. KM (Smøla) Edit
1700 1.9. 0321- USA: WRCR Ramapo NY. id. First NA of the month. KM (Smøla) Edit
1700 30.9. 0425- USA: WRCR Ramapo NY. Wx report. A sport station and a ss station came up a couple of times some minutes before that. Texas? KM (Smøla) Edit
Central America
570 28.2. 0616- CUB: Radio Reloj. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
580 6.9. 0430- PTR: WKAQ San Juan, PR. strong signal. ID. KM (Smøla) Edit
840 13.2. 0345-0350 HTI: 4VEH Cap-Haïtien/La Petite Anse. //web. QSA 8-9 QSL on Facebook. KM (Smøla) Edit
870 28.2. 0540- CUB: Radio Reloj. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
900 16.2. 0830- CUB: CMKB Radio Progreso. Nice id – v/s anyone?? KM (Smøla) Edit
940 21.2. 0556- PTR: WIPR San Juan. Radio Maxima 940 San Juan. V/S anyone? KM (Smøla) Edit
940 27.1. 0630- PTR: WIPR San Juan PR. “940 AM” id. V/S info? No luck with e-mails yet. KM (Smøla) Edit
1020 2.1. 0110- CUB: Radio Reloj. Svak i bakgrunnen med sin sedvanlig klokkelyd. Kjempet med annen stn. KM (Smøla) Edit
1020 28.2. 0510- CUB: Radio Reloj. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1120 13.1. 2210-2220 PTR: WMSW Hatillo PR. //web. KM (Smøla) Edit
1120 23.8. 0045- PTR: WMSW Hatilo PR. Jingle “Clariente”. WMSW is using this slogan or station name now. Checking their WEB. KM (Smøla)Edit
1160 11.9. 0350- ATG: Caribbean Radio Lighthouse, Jolly Harbour. //web. QSL back in 1977. KM (Smøla) Edit
1280 14.2. 2310-2314 PTR: WCMN Arecibo PR. News program “Noti Uno”. Very strong at this time. KM (Smøla) Edit
1470 9.2. 0720-0723 PNR: Radio La Primerísima, Cd. Radial. id. Tnx ABU. KM (Smøla) Edit
1470 28.1. 0115- PTR: WKCK Orocovis, PR. loud signal at the time with “Radio Cumbre” id before Hector Rodriguez with noticias. Any recent v/s info? I see ABU and others have QSL some years ago. KM (Smøla) Edit
1470 17.3. 0253- PTR: WKCK Orocovis, PR. Full id before “muy buenas noches” – close down. Success: Facebook QSL, 5 mins after sending the recording. KM (Smøla) Edit
1480 16.3. 2355-0000 PTR: WMDD Fajardo. Full id 0000. KM (Smøla) Edit
1540 2.10. 0150-0230 BAH: ZNS1 R Bahamas, Nassau. Strong signal at 0230. Reporting on the hurricane and flood situation. New country to me (on my birthday, by the way). https://soundcloud.com/la2to/20151002-0230-1540-zns1-bahamas. KM (Smøla) Edit
1550 6.2. 0645-0700 CUB: Radio Rebelde. id. Fighting with many other stations at this time. KM (Smøla) Edit
1570 1.4. 0345- MEX: XERF La Poderosa, Ciudad Acuña . nice id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1620 30.7. 0130- CUB: R. Rebelde, Guantanamo. two different Cuban stns with news px. Plus a station with music under. At 0140: Guantanamo. KM (Smøla) Edit
1620 5.1. 0110-0115 VIR: WDHP Frederiksted . Sports talk // Web. Facebook QSL March 24. KM (Smøla) Edit
1620 16.10. 0630- VIR: WDHP Frederiksted. BBC news. KM (Smøla) Edit
1640 25.9. 0400-0405 DOM: Tentative: HI.. R Juventus Don Bosco, Sto Domingo. weak signal, checked but not // web http://www.juventusdonbosco.com/ – disappeared 5 min later. KM (Smøla) Edit
1660 4.1. 0055-0100 PTR: WGIT Canovanas PR. An EE station under this one with sport was more interesting, but got no id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1670 17.9. 0355-0400 DOM: HI.. La Voz del Yuna, Bonao. id 0400. signal is s5 with some QRN and QSB. Also checked the web page: http://lavozdelyuna.org – Facebook QSL, Oct. 12. KM (Smøla) Edit
1680 28.9. 0200-0230 DOM: Tentative: HISV Radio Senda, San Pedro de Macorís. SS talk fading in and out with WTTM which played music. No id yet but // web. An EE speaking station came up also during the time (WOKB?). KM (Smøla) Edit
South America
550 22.7. 0255- URG: CW1 Radio Colonia, Colonia de Sacramento. //web. Romantic music – id 0300. KM (Smøla) Edit
550 20.8. 0402- URG: CW1 Radio Colonia, Colonia de Sacramento. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
560 13.7. 0155- BRA: ZYH887 R Educadora do Maranhão, São Luis MA. //WEB. Rel. px. KM (Smøla) Edit
560 2.3. 0620-0630 BRA: Tentative: ZYK761 Paulista AM, SP. Rel. px. No clear id. KM (Smøla) Edit
560 15.3. 0558- EQA: HCRN2 C.R.E. Satelital, Guayaquil. id. Tnks Henrik Klemetz. Facebook QSL 8.5. KM (Smøla) Edit
560 6.9. 0431- GUY: NCN Voice of Guyana. BBC px. KM (Smøla) Edit
560 12.2. 0130- GUY: The Voice of Guyana. Nice id before news. Good strenght. QSL March 12 from Michella Abraham-Ali, Assistant Manager Radio. KM (Smøla) Edit
560 16.3. 0355-0400 GUY: Voice of Guyana. American Standards program. Strong signal this time. KM (Smøla) Edit
590 22.7. 0240- ARG: LS4 R Continental, Buenos Aires. soccer talk // web. KM (Smøla) Edit
590 21.8. 0406- ARG: LS4 R Continental, Buenos Aires. nice id. QRM from VOCM. KM (Smøla) Edit
590 31.8. 0405- ARG: LS4 R Continental, Buenos Aires. Informativo Continental. KM (Smøla) Edit
590 11.10. 0445-0500 ARG: LS4 R Continental, Buenos Aires. program “La voz de la noche” was announced. Nice id. KM (Smøla) Edit
600 13.7. 0200- BRA: ZYH920 R Mirante, São Luís MA.. Id confirmed by Ivan Diaz. KM (Smøla) Edit
600 15.3. 0530- EQA: HCXY2 Radio Ciudadana, Guayaquil. id. Official municipal radiostation. Tnks Henrik Klemetz. Facebook QSL 6.5. KM (Smøla) Edit
610 10.9. 0340- BRA: ZYL268 R. Itatiaia, Belo Horisonte MG. //Web. KM (Smøla) Edit
610 9.10. 0400- BRA: ZYL268 Rádio Itatiaia, Belo Horisonte MG. Nice id. QSL-info?? KM (Smøla) Edit
610 15.3. 0519- CLM: HJKL La Cariñosa, Bogotá. id – one other station under with music. KM (Smøla) Edit
610 15.3. 0526- CLM: HJKL La Cariñosa, Bogota. Delete Santa Rosa. This is Cariñosa with a talk show, says Henrik Klemetz. Still an other uid under. KM (Smøla) Edit
610 22.7. 0200- URG: CX4 R Rural, Montevideo. Id before “Radio Trans Mundial Uruguay”. An other station under. KM (Smøla) Edit
620 16.9. 0500- ARG: LRA26 R Nacional, Resistencia, Chaco. id. Best on LSB. KM (Smøla) Edit
620 22.7. 0235- BRA: ZYH590 Rádio Globo Fortaleza. several mentions of Globo and Fortaleza. An other station under. KM (Smøla) Edit
640 13.8. 0320- VEN: YVQO Union Radio Porteñas, Puerto La Cruz. nice id. KM (Smøla) Edit
670 15.10. 0506-0512 EQA: Tentative: HCFF1 Radio Jesús del Gran Poder, Quito. catholic mass. No id. Anyone else got it earlier? (315). KM (Smøla) Edit
680 9.10. 0600- ARG: LV6 Radio Nihuil Mendoza. id. Tnx HK. KM (Smøla) Edit
680 13.3. 0555- CLM: HJZO Radio Colombia, Barranquilla. id. Music was interesting. Hoping for something better :). KM (Smøla) Edit
680 6.9. 0353- VEN: YVQR Radio Continente Cumaná. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
700 13.10. 0530- ARG: LV3 Cadena 3, Cordoba. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
700 24.2. 0620- ARG: LV3 Radio Cordoba. TC. QSL info??? KM (Smøla) Edit
700 22.7. 0230- ARG: LV3 Radio Cordoba, B.A. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
700 20.9. 0533- CLM: HJCX W Radio, Cali. //web – Boogie night. KM (Smøla) Edit
710 22.7. 0215- ARG: LRL202 Radio Diez, Buenos Aires. // web. KM (Smøla) Edit
730 11.8. 0215- COL: HJCU Melodia Stereo, Bogotá. RCN id after news. KM (Smøla) Edit
750 10.8. 0315- VEN: YVKS RCR 750 Radio Caracas. several nice ids. KM (Smøla) Edit
760 29.7. 0130- BRA: Tentative: ZYH588 Rádio Uirapurú, Fortaleza, CE. Fortaleza was mentioned. No clear id. KM (Smøla) Edit
770 10.8. 0305- VEN: YVKK RNV Canal Informativo / Radio Popular. retransmission of YVKG 950 Radio Popular. KM (Smøla) Edit
780 15.3. 0458- VEN: YVMN Radio Coro, Coro. id. Kjempesignal. KM (Smøla) Edit
790 2.3. 0205- ARG: LR6 Radio Mitre AM, B.A.. //WEB. KM (Smøla) Edit
790 21.3. 0509- ARG: LR6 Radio Mitre AM. KM (Smøla) Edit
800 16.3. 0605- BES: PJB TWR Bonaire. SS id. Good strenght. KM (Smøla) Edit
820 11.9. 0305- ARG: LRA8 Radio Nacional, Formosa. id. Corrected the date. First time I heard that station was back in 1977, when I got a nice QSL letter and pennant + newspaper article. KM (Smøla) Edit
830 20.9. 0530- VEN: Tentative: YVLT R Sensacion Caracas. id like “Ondas del Pueblo”. Slogan or new name? https://soundcloud.com/la2to/20150920-0528-830-yvlt-r-sensacion-ondas- del-pueblo. KM (Smøla) Edit
840 24.8. 0417- ARG: LV6 Radio Salta, Salta SA. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
850 17.2. 0645- CLM: HJKC Candela AM, Bogota. id “Candela 850”. KM (Smøla) Edit
850 31.7. 0137- URG: CX16 R Carve, Montevideo. ID. KM (Smøla) Edit
850 6.9. 0435- VEN: YVZC R Fe y Alegria, Maracaibo. Rel. px. Station under was more interesting with nice music. KM (Smøla) Edit
870 15.10. 0504- ARG: LRA1 R Nacional BA. nice id after the news. KM (Smøla) Edit
900 16.2. 0630- VEN: YVMD Mara Ritmo 900. Id. KM (Smøla) Edit
910 15.8. 0357- VEN: YVRQ RQ 910 AM Center, Caracas. TC and id. KM (Smøla) Edit
910 20.9. 0419- VEN: YVRQ RQ 910 AM Center, Caracas. TC. KM (Smøla) Edit
920 14.9. 0103-0115 BRA: ZYH519 R Novo Tempo, Salvador, BA. Found id on the recording. Any QSL from this station? KM (Smøla) Edit
920 19.9. 0458- VEN: YVQX R Nueva Esparta, Porlamar. nice id – QSL info?? https://soundcloud.com/la2to/20150919-0459-920-yvqx-r-nueva-esparta-porlamar. KM (Smøla) Edit
920 4.10. 0310- VEN: YVQX R Nueva Esparta, Porlamar. nice id, tc “9.40 minutos”. KM (Smøla) Edit
930 11.3. 0520- CLM: HJCS La Voz de Bogota . KM (Smøla) Edit
930 5.9. 0430- CLM: HJCS La Voz de Bogotá. ID. KM (Smøla) Edit
940 19.9. 0503- VEN: Tentative: YVMN R Punto Fijo. too faint for report. EVT. YVZR R. Continental, Barinas. KM (Smøla) Edit
960 24.8. 0415- ARG: LRA6 R Nacional Mendoza, Mendoza. Radio Nacional id, no mention of Mendoza. KM (Smøla) Edit
960 25.7. 0250- ARG: Tentative: LRA6 R Nacional Mendoza, Mendoza.. Strong signal a few minutes. No id. KM (Smøla) Edit
970 14.8. 0350- BRA: ZYK201 Radio Pampa, Porto Alegre RS. came up with an id. Expected YV or HJ stn because of the music. KM (Smøla) Edit
970 24.9. 0425-0430 CLM: HJCI R Red de RCN, Bogotá. //WEB. Id 0430 – just to indicate that conditions are more to this direction today. KM (Smøla) Edit
970 3.10. 0303- CLM: HJCI R Red de RCN, Bogotá. KM (Smøla) Edit
970 4.2. 0445- CLM: HJCI Radio Red RCN, Bogotá. id “Radio Red RCN”. Tnx ABU v/s info??? KM (Smøla) Edit
980 20.9. 0516- CLM: HJES RCN Cali. “RCN La Radio”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1030 2.3. 0140- ARG: LS10 Radio Del Plata, B.A.. KM (Smøla) Edit
1040 14.3. 0540- CLM: HJCJ Colmundo Radio, Bogotá.. Facebook QSL 19.3. KM (Smøla) Edit
1050 20.9. 0500- VEN: YVNV RNV Caracas. Radio Nacional id continued with music (Canal Musical) + one other station with music. KM (Smøla) Edit
1060 10.9. 0355- BRA: Tentative: ZYL278 R. Grande 880, Belo Horisonte MG. QSB. No id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1060 1.10.         –0201 CLM: HJLY R Delfín, Riohacha. signed off with National Anthem right after WOQM had id. Checking this a bit more, I have to agree with Arnstein. A new one to me anyway. QSL info?? KM (Smøla) Edit
1080 8.3. 0553- CLM: HJMH Radio Melodia AM, Floridablanca. KM (Smøla) Edit
1120 30.7. 0330- BRA: ZYK274 Rádio Rural AM, Porto Alegre, RS. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1120 10.9. 0400- BRA: ZYK274 Rádio Rural AM, Porto Alegre, RS. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1130 20.9. 0430-0450 CLM: HJVA R Vida Bogotá. at least two stns fighting. One with Rel. px which was strong at 0450, possible id at 0450 (R Vida) + YV stn with nat. anthem at 0433 (R. Popular ?). Probably Ideal too with romantic music. KM (Smøla) Edit
1140 16.10. 0550-0600 CLM: HJCL Radio Panamericana, Girardot. id on TOH. KM (Smøla) Edit
1150 2.3. 0145- ARG: LT9 Radio Brigadier López, Santa Fé . //web. KM (Smøla) Edit
1160 6.10. 0300- BRA: ZYH714 R Globo Brasilia. came up after the Colombian HJOC had faded out a minute earlier. KM (Smøla) Edit
1160 6.10. 0256- CLM: Tentative: HJOC Ecos de Colombia, Bogotá. I think there is an id at this time. Very noisy frequency. KM (Smøla) Edit
1160 14.3. 0600- CLM: HJOC Fuego AM, Bogota. Stn under with bad modulation was more interesting. KM (Smøla) Edit
1190 3.2. 0240- ARG: LR9 Radio America, Buenos Aires. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1190 10.4. 0100- ARG: LR9 Radio America, Buenos Aires. id. QSL on Facebook April 14. KM (Smøla) Edit
1200 5.10. 0500- VEN: YVOZ R Tiempo Caracas. strong signal. Nice id. https://soundcloud.com/la2to/20151005-0501-1200-yvoz-radio-tiempo-caracas. KM (Smøla) Edit
1200 13.3. 0630- VEN: YVOZ Radio Tiempo, Caracas. nice id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1220 10.1. 0810- CLM: HJKR Radio Maria, Bogota. id after classical music. Catholic programming. QSL, but not signed. KM (Smøla) Edit
1230 3.8. 0300- ARG: LT2 R Dos, Rosario. ID. KM (Smøla) Edit
1250 27.3. 0500- CLM: HJCA Radio Capital, Bogotá . Id. Noticias Capital. QSL info?? KM (Smøla) Edit
1250 14.3. 0525-0528 PRU: OAX4L R Miraflores, Miraflores. nice id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1260 23.3. 0400- BRA: ZYK688 R Morada do Sol, São Paulo SP. id confirmed by Ivan Dias. KM (Smøla) Edit
1260 24.8. 0350- BRA: ZYK688 R Morada do Sol, São Paulo SP. Talk, mentioning SP and Morada do Sol. A station under with EE popmusic (NA? Probably UK). KM (Smøla) Edit
1260 5.10. 0545- BRA: ZYK688 Rádio Morada do Sol SP. id. Brazil on many frequencies this morning. But also NA on 1160 with REL. KM (Smøla) Edit
1270 22.7. 0145- ARG: LS11 R Provincia de Buenos Aires, La Plata. // WEB. Also two uids on 1130. Anyone got id 15 min earlier? Probably ARG with football. KM (Smøla) Edit
1270 6.8. 0320- ARG: LS11 R Provincia de Buenos Aires, La Plata. ID just when I landed on the frequency. KM (Smøla) Edit
1280 6.9. 0224- CLM: HJKN Radio Unica, Bogotá. //web. Strong signal a minute or two. Faded out. KM (Smøla) Edit
1290 9.5. 0100-0110 BRA: ZYH888 R Timbira do Maranhão, São Luis MA. Strong signal. Good to hear other than Puerto Cabello on this frequency. KM (Smøla) Edit
1310 4.2. 0600-0630 BRA: ZYJ684 R. Globo, Porto Velho, Ro. id. Tnks OF. Verification in Norwegian(!) from Juliana Paiva, Coordenação de Afiliadas. KM (Smøla) Edit
1310 5.9. 0338- CLM: HJJZ Aviva 2, Bogotá. slogan “la radio de espiritu’ (ex R. Manantial). KM (Smøla) Edit
1320 4.5. 0250-0310 BRA: ZYH243 R Imaculada Conceição, Maceió AL. //web. KM (Smøla) Edit
1320 7.8. 0252- CLM: HJNV La Cariñosa, Girardot. jingle. Tnks Arnstein :). KM (Smøla) Edit
1320 1.10. 0343- VEN: YVWP R Apolo, Turmero. Nice id. Strong signal. KM (Smøla) Edit
1320 14.3. 0150- VEN: YVWP R Apolo, Turmero.. KM (Smøla) Edit
1330 14.9. 0435- BRA: ZYK736 R Terra AM, Osasco, SP. //web. Strong signal for a while. KM (Smøla) Edit
1350 22.2. 0730- ARG: LS6 Radio Buenos Aires. id. V/S anyone? KM (Smøla) Edit
1350 12.3. 0620-0640 EQA: HCVR2 Teleradio 13-50, Guayaquil. Nice id at 6.20, jingle at 6.40. Facebook QSL 18.3. KM (Smøla) Edit
1360 23.1. 0720- PRU: OCU4I Radio Bienestar, Lima. ex La Nueva Q since Jan. 2015. KM (Smøla) Edit
1370 11.3. 0200- CLM: HJKI Radio Mundial, Bogota. KM (Smøla) Edit
1380 7.3. 0605- VEN: YVNG Ondas del Mar, Puerto Cabello. Nice id. QSA 8. KM (Smøla) Edit
1380 1.5. 0140- VEN: YVNG Ondas Del Mar, Puerto Cabello. nice Id, perhaps good enough for report. QSL info?? KM (Smøla) Edit
1390 16.3. 2200- BRA: ZYI535 R Educadora, Bragança PA. // web. Probably id at top of the hour. KM (Smøla) Edit
1390 7.3. 0600- VEN: YVTT Radio Fe Y Alegria, Caracas. two Brasilian stations fighting some minutes before, but this one won. QSL-info? KM (Smøla) Edit
1390 15.3. 2323- VEN: YVZA Radio Fe y Alegría, Caracas. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1390 5.9. 0345- VEN: YVZA Radio Fe y Alegría, Caracas. KM (Smøla) Edit
1390 11.3. 0150- VEN: YVZO Radio Lumen 2000, Maracaibo. KM (Smøla) Edit
1430 14.8. 0300- COL: Tentative: HJMF La Ribereña, Puerto Berrio. Faint signal. Possible id, but an other LA station was also there, after CHKT faded out. KM (Smøla) Edit
1450 12.10. 0600- ARG: LRI213 R El Sol, Porción Quilmes. nice id. QRM from an other station. KM (Smøla) Edit
1450 21.8. 0350- ARG: LRI213 Radio El Sol, Puerto Madero (or Porción Quilmes). part of email address radioelsol.com.ar is mentioned. Thanks Henrik Klemetz. Better reception here: http://tunein.com/radio/Radio-El-Sol-1450-s138005/. KM (Smøla) Edit
1450 12.1. 2155-2205 BRA: ZYI561 Radio Paraense AM, Castanhal, PA. Ivan Diaz from Brasil helped me id this one. E-mail verification, using the contact address on web. KM (Smøla) Edit
1450 25.3. 0530- VEN: YVKJ Radio Maria, Caracas. KM (Smøla) Edit
1450 12.3. 0320- VEN: YVKJ R. María, Caracas. KM (Smøla) Edit
1450 27.1. 0230- VEN: YVKJ Radio Maria, Caracas. Id “Radio Maria”. Religious program (Catholic). KM (Smøla) Edit
1470 2.9. 0000- PRU: OAU4B R Capital, Lima. KM (Smøla) Edit
1470 28.2. 0000-0005 PRU: OAU4B Radio Capital, Lima. Id. Unusual this early? KM (Smøla) Edit
1470 16.3. 0335- PRU: OAU4B Radio Capital, Lima. ID + other stn. KM (Smøla) Edit
1470 17.2. 0846-0848 PRU: OAU4B Radio Capital, Lima.. Came up of the noise level with a nice id. V/S anyone? KM (Smøla) Edit
1480 9.8. 0310-0320 PRG: ZP20 Radio America, Ñemby. classical music and rel. tlk. Thanks to Henrik Klemetz this is now solved and verified at the same time. See my blog for explanation: https://la2to.wordpress.com/qsl-june-2015/mw-log-may-august-2015/. KM (Smøla) Edit
1480 26.8. 0315- PRG: ZP20 Radio America, Ñemby. weak signal this night also. Checked // web (R. Iglesia). We (Henrik and I) have an ongoing communication with the owner Pastor Holowaty who read my previous letter on air. Henrik even telephoned him. But no formal reply from him or his secretary Maria yet. KM (Smøla) Edit
1490 16.2. 0640- CLM: HJBS Punto Cinco, Bogotá. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1490 28.2. 0530- CLM: HJBS Radio Punto 5. id. QSL info? KM (Smøla) Edit
1500 2.9. 0028- PRU: OBX4I R Santa Rosa, Lima. (1499.822). KM (Smøla) Edit
1500 24.4. 0330- PRU: OBX4I Radio Santa Rosa, Lima. full id. Strong signal. FQ offset as usual. KM (Smøla) Edit
1500 4.10. 0252- VEN: VEN: YVRZ Radio 2000, Cumaná. id + tc. KM (Smøla) Edit
1500 3.1. 0110- VEN: YVRZ Radio 2000, Cumaná. QSL April 15 after f.up. v/s Carlos Alfonso. KM (Smøla) Edit
1510 2.9. 0020- PRU: OCX4J R Tarma, Tarma. several ids. KM (Smøla) Edit
1510 4.6. 0115- PRU: OCX4J Radio Tarma. //web. KM (Smøla) Edit
1520 16.3. 0447- CLM: HJLI Radio Libertad, Bogotá. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1530 27.4. 0250- EQA: HCCC5 Ondas Cañaris, Azogues. id. Confirmed by a dx friend in Chile. When listening to their website I hear the same id there. QSL on Facebook. KM (Smøla) Edit
1540 3.4. 0145-0215 BOL: R. Bendita Trindad, El Alto. extended religious program in aymara language because of the holliday. They have recently upgraded their tx to 5 kW, and should be easy to hear. Thanks Henrik Klemetz. Facebook QSL from Tania Sindy Mujica at the staff. KM (Smøla) Edit
1540 2.8. 0020- BOL: R. Bendita Trindad, El Alto. strong signal, a couple of ids. KM (Smøla) Edit
1540 27.4. 2345-0000 BRA: ZYH611 Radio Sant’ana, Tianguá. //web. QSL info anyone? KM (Smøla) Edit
1540 30.8. 0300-0310 BRA: ZYH611 Radio Sant’ana, Tianguá, CE. id mentioning Cultura and Paraiba, so I believed it was the Leme station, but it refers to Radio Espinharas 1400 acc. to Ivan Diaz. KM (Smøla) Edit
1540 22.9. 0200- BRA: ZYK514 Rádio Cultura Leme PB. A “Cultura” id mixed together with the ususal Sant’ana. Going through the recording more I find a national anthem. After that only Sant’ana. Agree? https://soundcloud.com/la2to/20150922-0200-1540-zyk514- radio-cultura-leme. KM (Smøla) Edit
1540 8.8. 0300- CLM: HJZF R Cóndor, Manizales. id, but faint. Better strength at 0320. KM (Smøla) Edit
1540 16.3. 0420- PRU: OCU2X Radio Turbomix, Cajamarca. //web – Facebook QSL a couple of days later. KM (Smøla) Edit
1550 23.1. 0900- CLM: HJCV Radio El Sol, Barranquilla. KM (Smøla) Edit
1560 15.3. 0640- CLM: HJXZ Santa Maria de la Paz Radio, Medellin. // web. Mentioning Santa Maria several times. KM (Smøla) Edit
1560 28.2. 0635- VEN: Radio Nacional Venezuela, Mérida. nice id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1570 2.9. 0003- PRU: OAX4Y R Bethel, Lima. KM (Smøla) Edit
1570 2.10. 0400- PRU: OAX4Y R Bethel, Lima. KM (Smøla) Edit
1570 1.5. 0325- PRU: OCU4J Radio Bethel, Lima. id, best I’ve heard it. Capital was also strong at the time. Perhaps other Peru stations? Noted LA’s on 940, 1450 and 1600 among others at the time, also NA stations. One on 1670 without id. Facebook QSL 6.5. KM (Smøla) Edit
1590 3.5. 0300- BRA: ZYI703 Rádio Correio do Vale, Itaporanga, PB. ID confirmed by Henrik Klemetz. Tnks. It was not Radio Guiacui, which I thought first. Facebook QSL. KM (Smøla) Edit
1590 7.2. 0630- CLM: HJIA BBN, Medellin. rel. px. KM (Smøla) Edit
1590 5.9. 0405- CLM: HJIA BBN, Medellin. KM (Smøla) Edit
1600 3.9. 0430- BRA: ZYK779 Rádio Nove de Julho, Sao Paulo. Rel. mx. id? KM (Smøla) Edit
1325 10.3. 2150- HOL: Radio Vrolijke Mijnwerker. KM (Smøla) Edit
1350 6.2. 2150- ITA: I AM RADIO, Milano. id. Strong signal. KM (Smøla) Edit
1476 11.2. 2035-2040 HOL: Edelkampioen. Strong signal s9. Giving e-mail (hotmail.com) QSL today, 13.2. KM (Smøla) Edit
1611 25.3. 2045- HOL: Radio Edelkampioen. id and greeting to me. KM (Smøla) Edit
1611 6.8. 2100- HOL: Vrolijke Mijnwerker. id. Very difficult station name. Won’t try to pronounce it :). KM (Smøla) Edit
1616 25.1. 0055-0100 HOL: Radio Barones. off at 0100. KM (Smøla) Edit
1620 9.1. 1840- HOL: R. Sterrekijher, Coevorden, Drenthe. id. Impossible for me to understand. Checked by Arvid Husdal. KM (Smøla) Edit
1620 4.2. 2145- HOL: Radio Batavia. KM (Smøla) Edit
1620 6.2. 1850- HOL: Radio Sterrekijker. Nonstop music. No id. Confirmed by others on the chat. KM (Smøla) Edit
1620 23.9. 0410- HOL: Radio Terra Nova. Clear id. Wrong time for pirate stations, I thought, but a bit later I heard Dutch talk, so it is a pirate. KM (Smøla) Edit
1620 15.2. 2010- HOL: Radio Zonnester. KM (Smøla) Edit
1625 6.2. 2030-2035 HOL: Radio Batavier. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1625 2.2. 2235- HOL: Radio Black Devil. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1627 11.7. 2120- HOL: Radio Titanic. Id and greeting to me after reported it on the chat. S2-3. KM (Smøla) Edit
1629.5 3.2. 2300- HOL: Radio Belladonna. KM (Smøla) Edit
1630 16.2. 2035- HOL: Radio Jamaica. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1630 6.1.         -2155 HOL: Radio Marjanne. signing off. KM (Smøla) Edit
1630 12.2. 2115-2130 HOL: Radio Mijnwerker (Happy Miner). id before sign off. KM (Smøla) Edit
1630 25.2. 2205- HOL: Radio Moonbreaker. Greeting to me. QSL the day after. KM (Smøla) Edit
1630 25.3. 2135- HOL: Radio Poema. Id and greeting to me, playing oldies rock. New one for me. KM (Smøla) Edit
1630 15.2. 1600- HOL: Radio Telstar. id and greeting to me. KM (Smøla) Edit
1630 9.8. 2235-2236 HOL: Zender Johan. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1632 25.1. 0100- HOL: Radio Moby Dick. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1633 4.7. 2240- HOL: Radio Barcelona. nice id between pop music. HOL pirates also on 1638 and 1648 khz. http://www.freewebs.com/radiobarcelona/. KM (Smøla) Edit
1637 29.8. 2205- HOL: R Monte Carlo. KM (Smøla) Edit
1638 6.2. 1845- HOL: Radio Calimero. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1640 25.3. 2125- HOL: Radio Batavier. id and greeting to me. Follow Iann’s chat where all the free radio stations are. (http://www.easyshopdiscountzone.com/radio/pirate/chat.html). KM (Smøla) Edit
1646 10.3. 2135- HOL: Radio Kristal. KM (Smøla) Edit
1646.5 3.2. 2115- HOL: Radio Uniek. KM (Smøla) Edit
1647 29.7. 2230- HOL: Radio Casablanca. id. QSL after a few hours. KM (Smøla) Edit
1649 2.2. 2250-2300 HOL: Radio Torpedojager. id before s.off. KM (Smøla) Edit
1650 25.3. 2055- HOL: Radio Kristal. id and greeting. KM (Smøla) Edit
1655 6.8. 2055- HOL: Radio Relmus. Played lots of good old rock and roll. Internet connection was unstable at this time. No recording of the id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1655 4.8. 2250- HOL: Radio Snowman. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1655 10.3. 2130- HOL: Radio Turfsterker. KM (Smøla) Edit
1655 16.2. 2200-2207 HOL: Radio Valskenter. Id. Had some problems understanding the id. Thanks for help, Arvid. KM (Smøla) Edit
1655 3.2. 2215- HOL: Radio Witte Raaf. KM (Smøla) Edit
1656 15.2. 1925-1945 HOL: Radio Relmus. KM (Smøla) Edit
1664 10.2. 2130-2200 HOL: Radio Wilskracht. id. S6-7. KM (Smøla) Edit
1670 12.2. 2000- HOL: Radio Armada. Strong signal S9. KM (Smøla) Edit
1650 3.1. 0735- F: CROSS weather station for the channel area. weather bulletin in French. Any v/s info? KM (Smøla) Edit

Log 2015 KONG SDR in arctic Norway w/50 meter L antenna

864 24.9. 1624-1625 ARM: TWR Gavar. QSL Oct. 8. New country. KM (Kong) Edit
999 4.10. 1800- MDA: TWR Grigoriopol. KM (Kong) Edit
1035 15.9. 1815- EST: Radio Eli, Narva. id. E-mail QSL 16.9. KM (Kong) Edit
1485 14.9. 2130-2140 NOR: NRK Longyearbyen, Svalbard. equal in strenght as Radio Merkurs. Election program. At this time interview with Erna Solberg on the national service. No id of course. Don’t know if they have their own local election program. First time I hear this. KM (Kong) Edit
675 29.9. 1635-1645 VTN: Voice of Vietnam, VOV1. //web: http://vov1.vov.vn/ QRM fra arabisk talende stn. KM (KONG) Edit
720 8.9. 2030- KRE: KCBS Pyongyang. started their program (0500 local time). Good signal. https://soundcloud.com/la2to/20150908-2030-720-kcbs-pyongyang. KM (Kong) Edit
792 29.9. 1858-1900 TWN: BEV79 Keelung Kuangpo Tientai. Identified by Jari Savolainen, tnks. KM (KONG) Edit
873 4.10. 1650-1705 IND: AIR North, Jalandhar. a little earlier // 747. This one being the strongest. Sitar/tabla music. No talk. Same program on 918. KM (Kong) Edit
918 4.10. 1930- IND: AIR North, Suratgarh. id followed by news. KM (Kong) Edit
1134 30.9. 1447- J: JOQR NCB Bunka Hoso Tokyo. id. QSL info? KM (KONG) Edit
1143 28.9. 1749- TWN: Taiwan Fishery Broadcasting Station. end of nx. Probably id. Strong signal. Tnx for tip Arvid H. KM (Kong) Edit
1179 30.9. 1451-1500 J: JOOR MBS Mainichi Hoso, Osaka. Fading in and out, MBS id 1500. QSL info? KM (Kong) Edit
1188 30.9. 1502- J: JOKP NHK Radio 1, Kitami. mentioning Hokkaido in the news. KM (Kong) Edit
1287 27.9. 1800- J: JOHR Hokkaido Hoso, Sapporo. strong signal. Looking for QSL-info. KM (Kong) Edit
1296 29.9. 2000- TWN: BCC News Network, Taipei. identified by my Chinese friend Ying :). KM (KONG) Edit
1341 6.9. 1830- CHN: Shenyang RGD Tiyu. Had to get some help identifying this one. KM (Kong) Edit
1350 8.9. 2000- J: JOER Hiroshima. id. An e-mail to radio@rcc.net was quickly answered by a journalist who was about to start his morning program. KM (Kong) Edit
1350 29.9. 2030-2032 PHL: DWUN UNTV R La Verdad. clear id. My first Phil. KM (KONG) Edit
1377 14.9. 1430- CHN: CNR1. ID. Confirmed. KM (Kong) Edit
1413 8.9. 1800- J: JOIF Fukuoka. id. S9. JJ on 1350, 1287, 1278 as well. KM (Kong) Edit
1593 27.9. 1500- CHN: CNR1 . ID. QSL from Ying Lian. KM (Kong) Edit
North America
680 7.10. 1430- ALS: KBRW Barrow AK. s3 on the meter. NPR news. KM (Kong) Edit
900 17.10. 0915- ALS: Tentative: ALS: KZPA Fort Yukon AK. good strengt this time. Possible id? New to me. KM (KONG) Edit

List of verifications (QSL) 2015

#612: YVNG Ondas del Mar, Puerto Cabello 1380. E-mail verification Oct. 20, reported April 31.

ondas del mar logo

#611: WISN Milwaukee WI 1130, QSL Oct 19, report from Feb. 14 after f.up. V/s: Terry Kegley, Chief Engineer.

wisn 1130 logo

#610: New country #158: SLOVAKIA. R. Devín, 1098 khz. Facebook QSL after 1 hour, heard today, Oct. 18.

radio devin logo

#609: OCU4I Radio Bienestar, Lima 1360 khz answered my report today, Oct. 16, by e-mail from Manuel F. Soto at the CRP company which owns Nueva Q, now Bienestar. Heard Jan. 23 2015.

bienestar logo

#608.: FM QSL #1. Radio Ostseewelle Hit Radio Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, 107.3 Mhz. Heard on the car radio October 3 during tropo conds. V/S Antje Kagel, Assistentin der Geschäftsführung

ostsewelle logo

#607: New Country #158: CZECK REP. Radio Dechovka 1233 khz, Heard on Kong 29.8. Nice PDF QSL


#606: LV6 R Nihuil Mendoza 680, Facebook QSL “si, nos sintonizaste”

radio nihuil 680

#605: New Country #157: SLOVENIA. Radio Murski Val 648 khz, e-mail QSL Oct. 15, v/s Jerneja Pirnat, Marketing heard on the KONG SDR Oct. 11.

radio murski val 648

#604 LRA26 R Nacional Resistencia 620, Facebook QSL from Pedro Réttori Director emisora, with full QSL text: “El Sr Kai Mauseth, en Noruega, efectivamente ha escuchado nuestra emisora Radio Nacional Resistencia en 620 Khz el 16 de septiembre de 2015 – 02.00 hora de Argentina”

radio nacional resistencia logo

#603, country #157: ZNS1 Radio Bahamas 1570, e-mail QSL from Vaughn P. Miller Director/Radio saying “This is to confirm that Mr. Kai Mauseth has heard ZNS-1 on October 2, 2015 at 0230 UTC.”

radio bahamas 1540

#602: La Voz del Yuna Bonao, Dom. Rep. 1670 answered my report on Facebook today, Oct. 12. Reported Sep. 17. Tried a couple of e-mails, but Facebook worked. “Buenas tardes señor Mauseth si es nuestra emisora que ha escuchado. Gracias por su reporte de sintonía y su mensaje.”

la voz del Yuna logo

WBAL Baltimore MD 1090. QSL number 2 from Scott Masteller, Program Director

wbal qsl2

CHSM Steinbach 1250. I already got a brief confirmation from Ed Siemens. Today a formal QSL letter arrived. Thanks to Matt Heindrich, broadcast technician.


#602. New country. #156: ARMENIA. TWR 864. Heard on the KONG SDR Sep. 29. QSL Oct. 8.

TWR Armenia 864 QSL

#601: WSAR Fall River MA 1480. V/S Rick Oliveira, heard on the Smöla SDR Sep. 29.

WSAR 1480 LOGO 2

#600: VOAR Mount Pearl NL 1210 khz. V/s R. Brian Mathews, CE, heard on the Smöla SDR Sep.3.

voar logo

#599: New country on MW. DWUN UNTV La Verdad 1350, Philippines. Facebook verification saying “Hi, Mr. Mauseth. Glad to know that our transmission reached you. Keep on listening.”. Heard on the KONG SDR Sep. 29.

dwun 1350 logo

#598: WBAL Baltimore MD 1090. E-mail QSL Oct. 2 from Cary L Pharigan, saying “Verifying…thank you!”. Heard on the Smöla SDR Sep. 29.

wbal 1090 logo

#597: LS11 R Provincia de Buenos Aires 1270. Nice E-mail QSL from Jefe Technico,  Prof. Oscar José Somma, Productor

QSL Oct. 2, reported August 6, f.up. Oct. 2.

LS 11 Radio Provincia Buenos Aires LOGO

#596: KNX Los Angeles CA 1070, E-mail “That is us.  Thanks for reaching out.” from Ken Charles, Program Director

QSL Oct 2, reported Sep. 28.

knx logo

#595: WOQM Natick MA, 1060. E-mail “yes, that’s us” from Gina Weiss, Director of Radio Production, Station of the Cross. QSL Oct. 1. Reported same day.



#594: WWJ Detroit MI 950 E-mail “confirmed” from Robert P. Davidek @ CBS


#593: WOC Davenport IA 1420. E-mail “confirmed” from Scott Bitting at Iheart media

woc 1420 logo

#592: WJR Detroit MI 760. E-mail QSL from Keith Bosworth, CE,

wjr 760 logo

#591: YVZA R Fé Y Alegría, Caracas 1390. Twitter: retweeted my report to them.

fe y alegria logo

#590: China National Radio 1593 khz v/s Ying Lian. (New country on MW), reported Sep 27. QSL Sep 28.

cnr logo

#589: WDAY Fargo ND 970, e-mail from Steve Tschida, Production Mgr. WDAY QSL

wday 970 logo

#588: LS6 R Buenos Aires, 1350. Twitter: favorite + retweet + direct message: “Hola! ahora te saludamos! Bienvenido!!!”.

R Buenos Aires 1350 logo

#587: KSL Salt Lake City UTAH (New State) 1160 v/s Darrell K. Brown, President

ksl 1160 logo

#586: CHQT Edmonton AB, 880 v/s Thomas Davies CE


chqt 880 logo

#585: CJGX, Yorkton SK, Canada 940. v/s Kyle SawatzkyBroadcast Technician

cjgx940 logo

#584: CKOC Hamilton ON 1150 E-mail from Mike Nabuurs, Program Director, TSN 1150. reported and QSL the same day Sep. 28.

ckoc 1150 logo

#583: CHSM Steinbach MB 1250 E-mail from Ed Siemens again, confirming the report.


#582: CJRB Bossevain MB 1220. E-mail QSL Sep. 23 from Ed Siemens, who writes: “Thank-you for your reception report of radio station CJRB from 0503 UTC September 23, 2015. I can confirm that you were listening to our program called Classics Til Dawn – I can recognize the advertiser and our announcer.  Congratulations!”


#581: CKJH Melfort SK 750 khz. PDF QSL from Bayne Opseth,  VE5BKO Chief Engineer, reported September 2.


#580 OCX4J R. Tarma, Peru, 1510 khz. QSL from Mario Monteverde Pomareda, Gerente who writes: “Estimado Kai Mauseth, Oslo Noruega, Europa del Norte.Efectivamente, confirmo que usted sintonizó nuestras transmisiones el día 01 de septiembre a las 19:21 hora OA . Muchas gracias por el valioso reporte de sintonía de nuestra estación de Onda Media OCX 4J  en la frecuencia de 1,510  Khz. Cordialmente”

OCX4J Radio Tarma 1510



#579: WP$E Erie PA 1450. “Your money station”. Facebook. Reported Jan. 2.

wpse log

#578: LR6 Radio Mitre, Buenos Aires 790. E-mail v/s Gabriel Menna, Jefe De Tecnología. Reported Sep. 11,

he writes: “Estimado Kai,
Muchas gracias por su reporte, efectivamente usted ha escuchado en Noruega la emisora Radio Mitre AM 790 kHz de Argentina el día 11 de septiembre de 2015 a la 01:02 hora local de Argentina.
Le envío imágenes del sitio de transmisión de Radio Mitre con su sistema de antenas. Las coordenadas del mismo son -34.58146, -58.66949.”

radio mitre logo

#577: Radio Eli, Tartu , Estonia 1035. E-mail QSL Sep. 16. Reported Sep 15.

Radio Eli QSL_2

#576: CFRA, Toronto, ON 580. E-mail. V/S Sara Creech in Bell Media. Reported Feb. 15, QSL Sep 15.

cfra logo


#575: WXRL Binghampton, NY 1300. Facebook.


#574: LRA6 Radio Nacional, Mendoza, 960. Facebook reply Sep. 10, saying they will send a card in the mail. Looking forward to that.

radio nacional mendoza logo

#573: JOER Hiroshima 1350. E-mail from journalist Masanori Honna who is about to start his radio program “Ohayo Radio” (Ohayo means good morning), from 7:00 JST.


#572: WTAM Cleveland OH, 1100 khz, Facebook QSL “That’s definitely WTAM 1100! Congratulations on being able to pick up our signal in Norway” . Reported February 14.

wtam logo

#571: LV9 Radio Salta, Arg. retweeted my tweet. Not only that. Chatted a long time with a journalist at the station. She said she would bring the audioclip to the technician.

radio salta

#570: HJZF Radio Cóndor, Manizales. Retweeted my message and I got them as a follower on twitter

Radio Condor 1540 logo

#569: WRCR Ramapo, NY 1700, v/s KD2KI, Alex

wrcr logo 1

#568:  LT2 Radio Dos, Buenos Aires 1230. Retweet of a tweet to the station with a recording, August 3. I accept that as a QSL.

radio dos 1230 logo

#567: YVMD Mara Ritmo 900 khz, Maracaibo was one of the first stations I reported after starting DX-ing again last autumn. The recording is from October 13. The Facebook verification says: “Saludos amigo! Observamos nuestra señal recibida por usted en Noruega…Publicaré en las proximas horas su reporte de recepción…Gracias por el interes en nuestra señal…Le saluda Domingo Rivas, soy Locutor, Periodista de Mara Ritmo 900 desde 1992…ademas de eso soy tambien radioaficionado YV1DOB…Para servirle….un abrazo!”

Mara Ritmo 900 logo

#566: NEW COUNTRY: MEXICO. #155: XERF La Podrerosa, Mexico 1570 khz.. Facebook QSL, July 31. Recording April 1.. “Estimado” Kai Mauseth, le confirmo que el audio que nos envió sí corresponde a nuestra emisora. Estamos muy contentos que nos hagan llegar sus reportes. Le enviamos saludos cordiales. Lo invitamos a visitar nuestra página www.imer.mx/lapoderosa Saludos

XERF 1570 LOGOla_poderosa_logo

#565: CMKB Radio Progreso, Cuba 900 Khz. Facebook QSL F.up  July 30. Recording from Feb. 16.  “Muchas gracias por su recepción, más que por su sintonía, ciertamente conocer que nuestra señal llega a muchas partes del mundo es un orgullo para nosotros.”

Radio Progreso 900 logo

#564: KEZW Denver, Co, 1430 v/s Rick Crandall PD/Breakeast Club Host. E-mail July 27, heard March 5.

kezw 1480 logo

July 24: HJCU Radio Melodía, Bogotá, 730 khz. E-mail from v/s Jorge A. Ramírez H. Advisor. QSL number 2 from this station.

melodia stereo 730 logo

#563: HJLW Candela Estereo, Bogotá. 850 khz Facebook verification July 23 on a report from Feb. 17.

candela estereo 850 logo

#562: Radio Impuls, Prague, Czech Rep., 981 khz. E-mail QSL July 22 from Pavel Janda on a report from Dec. 7, 2014 (f. up).impuls radio logo

#561: CJYE  Oakville, ON 1250 khz v/s Don Millar, Director of Operations. E-mail July 20 on a report from Jan. 2.

cjye1250 logo

#560. WPGG Atlantic City, NJ 1450. Facebook QSL July 14. Reported Jan. 13.

wpgg 1450 logo

#559: I AM RADIO 1350 khz, snail mail QSL on a report from Nov. 25, 2014

I am uncertain if I shall call it a regular station or a pirate. I received a mail where they say it is an experimental station using 1 kW into a 1/4 wavelenght vertical antenna.

20150714_173408-1 20150714_173424-1

#558: OBX4I Radio Santa Rosa 1500 khz. Facebook verification June 15 on a recording from March 17. “Gracias por escucharnos y participe por el chat”.

Radio Santa Rosa logo

#557: WMSW Puerto Rico, 1120 khz. Facebook verification June 11 on a recording from Nov 7, 2014. “Si ese es nuestro jingle gracias por escucharnos en Noruega Saludos y gracias por sintonizarnos Kai”


#556: Radio Daqui, Goiana, 4915 khz. Facebook verification, June 11 on a report from May 26. “Nós da Radio Daqui, Goiânia Brasil, estamos felizes com sua recepção e mensagem enviada, agradecemos demais pelo carinho. Abraços”

radio daqui logo

#555: Radio City 1485 via Radio Merkur, Latvia. PDF QSL after a report this same evening, June . Nice signal this evening with oldies at 1930 UTC.




#554 NEW COUNTRY  Country #154: PANAMA

Radio La Primerisima, Panama, 1470 khz. Facebook verification May 28 on a report from Feb. 9. :   “Le agradecemos su reporte de recepcion muchos saludos desde Panama.”

Radio La Primerisima logo

#553: HJCU Melodia Stereo, Bogotá 730 khz. Facebook verification May 22 on a report from Dec. 25 after f.up.

“Hola Señor Kai Mauseth recivimos su mensaje y ahora podemos confirmar que su enlace corresponde a una de nuestras transmisiones en vivo de una de nuestras estaciones identificada como HJCU en 730A.M. Nosotros empleamos un transmisor NAUTEL XL60 de Estado Solido y para el tiempo de la grabación estabamos transmitiendo a una potencia de 30Kw. Nuestra antena tiene 206Mts de altura y esta localizada cerca de Bogota (2600Mts) en una zona plana al Oeste de la ciudad. Gracias por escucharnos y escribirnos esperamos alla disfrutado de nuestra programación la cual es en esencia Instrumental. Puede corroborar voces y estilo escuchando nuestra transmisión en linea a traves de Internet ingresando a nuestra pagina www.cadenamelodia.com.
Fue bueno saber de usted,
Jorge A. Ramírez H.
Cadena Melodia de Colombia S.A.
Bogotá – Colombia
Calle 45 No.13 – 70
Tel. 057 1 3231500
Correo. jramirez@cadenamelodia.com”

melodia stereo 730 logo

Street view by Google.

melodia stereo 730

#552: HJSQ R. Robledo (RCN),  Cartago 1580. Facebook verificaiton May 11 on a report from Dec. 13 after f.up.

Robledo 1580 logo

#551: OAU6D R. Lider, Arequipa, Peru 1240 khz. Facebook verification May 11 on a report from Dec. 24 after f.up.

Here’s a street view by Google of the station building.

Radio Lider logo  Radio Lider 1240 QTH

#550: YVMA R. Mundial Zulia, Venezuela, 1070 khz, twitter verification May 10 on a report from Dec 19, after f.up. The message came from their sister station YVKE 550 khz

Radio Mundial 1070 logo

#549: HJLQ R. Minuto, Barranquilla, Colombia 1520, Facebook verification May 10 after f.up. Reported Dec. 25, 2014.

It looks like Radio Minuto has the same address as Radio Alegre 1340 khz. Picture from Google street view.

Radio Minuto 1520 logo Radio Minuto 1520 og Radio Alegre 1340

#548: HCRN2 C.R.E. Satelital, Guayaquil, Ecuador, 560 khz. Facebook verification May 8 on a report from March 15.


#547: ZYI703 R. Correio do Vale, Itaporanga, 1590 khz. Facebook verification May 6, report May 5.

Radio Correio do Vale log

Street view from their Facebook page:

Correio do Vale

#546: HCXY2 Radio Ciuadana, Guayaquil, Ecuador, 600 khz. Facebook verification May 6, report March 15

Radio Ciudadana 600 khz logo

#545: OCU4J Bethel Radio 1570 khz. Facebook verification May 6, report May 1. “Gracias por sinonizarnos!!”

Bethel radio logo

#543: WPRV Providence, RI 790. Facebook verification May 5, Reported January 26.

WPRV 790

# 542: CHML Hamilton, ON 900 with Facebook verification May 4. Reported February 14.

chml 900 logo

#541: HCCC5 Ondas Cañaris, Azogues 1530 with Facebook confirmation on May 3: “Gracias por tu reporte nos gustaría comunicarnos contigo”

Ondas Canaris 1530 logo


#540: WEAV Plattsburg NY, 960 khz. v/s Jaimie W. Dennis, Chief Engineer, KB1MCU. E-mail April 20.  Reported Jan. 17.


#539: HJCS La Voz De Bogotá, 930

E-mail QSL April 15 on a report from March 16. v/s Yaned Caro, writes: “Es un gusto saludarlo, y me permito confirmarle la recepción de la emisora LA VOZ DE BOGOTA desde el archipelago de Smöla en Noruega central, la cual pertenece a la Cadena Radial TODELAR del territorio Colombiano cuya programación habitual son las 24 horas del día, transmitiendo en el horario GTM-5. Adjunto identificación de nuestra emisora, la cual la estamos emitiendo varias veces al día.Muchas gracias, por escribirnos y que tenga un maravilloso día.”

Enclosed was a studiorecording of the identification.

Todelar logo

#538: YVRZ Radio 2000, Cumaná, 1500. E-mail QSL. Reported April 6. V/S Carlos Alfonzo who writes “Hola hermano gusto en saludar o y q buenos nos reporte su sintonía , de tan lejos ……agradecido “.
Report was sent to their official e-mail address radio2000laemisoradelpueblo@gmail.com

RADIO 2000 logo

#537: LR9 Radio America, Buenos Aires, 1190 “El Macroscopio”. The anonymous v/s says: “increíble! Sí, es de nuestra radio, efectivamente. Un honor que nos hayas sintonizado desde tan lejos. Te recomiendo nuestro programa que va los Lunes de 1am a 2am y los Martes a Viernes de 01:30 a 2:30am, hora de Argentina. Saludos desde Buenos Aires!”

Radio America El Macroscopio 1190

#536, new country #153: Guam.

KTWR Guam 15390. E-mail QSL April 9. Reported March 28th with program in karen language to Myanmar.


#535, NEW COUNTRY #152: Sao Tomé

E-mail QSL from VOA, Sao Tomé, 1530 khz. V/s Helena Menezes, manager’s secretary.


#534: GOLD 1593 testtransmission on 1611 khz (Italy).

gold 1611 qsl

#533:  WMOB Mobile Al, 1360 sent an e-mail verification April 8 on a report from Feb. 14. V/s William Odom. Many pictures can be found on their Flicr page:

01 WMOB AM 1360 Mobile Alabama USA Station front


#532: Radio Bendita Trinidad, La Paz 1540 khz. Facebook confirmation from Tania Sindy Mujica who writes: “Buenas tarde. Gracias a Jesus. Dios te bendiga, en primer lugar mandar saludos a tu persona y a toda tu familia. Estamos muy agradecidos por el audio mandado . Escuchamos el audio y es la frecuencia de Radio Bendita Trinidad 1540AM de la ciudad de EL ALTO en Bolivia, el locutor es el señor Esteban Mamani . Muchas gracias por enviarnos la grabacion saludos para Noruega y un abrazo fuerte. Atentamente. Tania Sindy Mujica STAFF RBT – BOL/BR”

New country on MW.

Radio Bendita trinidad 1540 logo

#531:  OCX4E  Radio Tarma, Peru 4775, e-mail April 6 on a report from Nov. 18.  V/S Mario Monteverde Pomareda, Gerente General writes: “Apreciado señor Kai Mauseth , Oslo Noruega. Reciba mis saludos cordiales como Propietario  de Radio Tarma. Efectivamente, el reportaje enviado corresponde a nuestras transmisiones en Onda Corta del día 18 de noviembre del 2014 a las 18:15 horas (OA). Muchas gracias por escucharnos. Atentamente,”

radio tarma logo

In addition there were 3 pdf pages with information:




#531: WAKR Akron, OH 1590 v/s Edward Esposito by e-mail on a report on Facebook


#530: KBJD, Denver, Co, “Radio Luz” 1650 khz sent an e-mail QSL . V/s was Roberto Nunez.

Radio Luz 1650

#529: WGVU Kentwood Mi 1480. Facebook verification, April 3. On May 28 I received a QSL from Bob Lumbert.

wgvu 1480 logo wgvu-qsl2grey

April 2:

#528: WCJJ Iowa City, 1630, “The mighty 1630”. V/S was Tom Suter, General Manager. E-mail.


#527: WHO Des Moines, IA 1040. E-mail from Van Harden, Program Director “Congratulations!  You were indeed listening to WHO Radio, 50 thousand watts at 1040 on the AM dial! We’re honored you sent us the note!”


#526: KQWB Wells Fargo ND 1660. E-mail  from Jake Bechtold, CBT Assistant Engineer/IT Radio FM Media who writes:  “I am happy to confirm that the audio you have included is most definitely from our station. KQWB-AM only transmits with 1Kw at night, so clearly band conditions were in your favor last night! I noticed you left us your mailing address. Would you like me to send you a QSL card? It would be my pleasure to send you one if you’d like.Thanks again for taking the time to write us! All the best, and good DX!”

Ofcourse I’m interested in a proper QSL card. I received it April 14.




#525: TWR Bonaire, Neth. Antilles, 800. Snailmail QSL. NEW COUNTRY ON Medium wave.


#524:  country #153: WDHP Frederiksted, Virgin Islands 1620. Facebook.

“Greetings, its difficult to hear with the interference, but it does sound like this is our sister station WDHP 1620”

1620 WDHP logo

#523:  Radio Gloria International,  Dresden 7265. 1 kW. Started broadcasting in 1962.


Radio Gloria Int (2)

#522: HJLI Radio Libertad, Bogotá 1520. Twitter QSL. They answered by retweeting my message to them

Radio Libertad 1520 logo

#521: HJCJ Radio Colmundo, Bogotá, 1040 khz. “Saludos. Esta señal es de nuestra emisora.”

Radio Colmundo 1040 logo

#520: Radio Cordillera, Bogotá, 1190 khz. v/s Yaned Caro writes: “Es un gusto saludarlo, y me permito confirmarle la recepción de la emisora RADIO CORDILLERA desde su hermosa ciudad en el archipelago de Smöla en Noruega central, la cual pertenece a la Cadena radial TODELAR del territorio Colombiano cuya programación habitual son las 24 horas del día, transmitiendo en el horario GTM-5″

Radio Cordillera logo

#519: TELERADIO 1350, Guyaquil, Ecuador. Facebook QSL  “Quienes hacemos Teleradio Ecuador nos llenamos de alegría por escucharnos y que siempre le estaremos enviando saludos mil Gracias amigo Kai Mauseth”

teleradio 1350 logo

#518: Fuego AM, Bogotá 1160 khz. Facebook QSL on a report from Dec. 19:  “Hola Kai. Muchas Gracias por escucharnos desde tan lejos”.

Fuego AM 1160 logo


WKCK 1470 Puerto Rico “Cumbre 1470” answered my Facebook report. They were closing down at 0255 with “my buenas noches”. I sent the recording just after 3 AM UTC and they answered very quickly. Have tried to send report to them before also, but this time it was very successful.


#516: Voice of Guyana 560. v/s: Michella Abraham-Ali, Assistant Manager Radio.  New country on Medium Wave. I have confirmed Guyana on shortwave back in 1969 on 5985 khz.

Guyana logo Guyana station building


WLCM, Holt, Michigan 1390 khz. v/s station manager Jeff Frank (N8HEE) says:”WLCM was a day timer only from Aug of 1956 until Jan 1 2009. We installed a new transmitter in a little town of Mason Mi ( just south of Lansing ). It runs 4500 watts into a 4 tower array at night”.


#514: VOCM Saint John’s NL 590. Facebook verification from Brian O’Connell

vocm map vocm logo

#513: CBSFM International was testing Feb. 19  on 7825 khz. The location is in SW Ireland and they are running with 1 kW ERP into a 200 foot mast. http://cbsfminternational.com/.  Quick reply from CEO Steve Marshall who regret they don’t have a QSL yet, but will have one later.

#512: WIPR Maxima, San Juan, 940. Facebook.

WIPR 940 Radio Maxima log

#511: OAU4B Radio Capital, Lima, Peru, 1470, v/s:  Luis Trujillano Guimaray. E-mail.

Radio Capital 1470 logo

Feb 25:

Facebook verification from WSKN Radio La Isla 1320, San Juan, Puerto Rico.  v/s: José Rivera, Director de operaciones who writes: “Saludos Kai, en efecto la señal pertenece a nuestra estación. Somos una estación de noticias ubicada en San Juan Puerto Rico. El programa que escuchaba tiene como nombre Fuego Cruzado y se transmite a las 1700 hora de Puerto Rico con retransmisión a las 0300. Nos da mucha alegría el que nos haya podido escuchar desde Noruega.

Saludos desde la isla del encanto.
José Rivera
Director de operaciones

=ex WUNO which I have confirmed back in 1976.

WSKN Radio La Isla 1320 LOGO

#510: YVNM Radio Mil La Caribeña, 1000  khz. Facebook.

Radio MIL 1000 khz logo

#509: Harbour Light, Grenada 1400 khz. V/s Randy Cornelius J37P. E-mail. NEW COUNTRY ON MW.

Harbour Light QSL

#508: 4VEH Cap Haitien, Haiti 840. Facebook.  NEW COUNTRY ON MW.


#507: WBT Charlotte, NC, 1110, v/s Jerry Dowd.


#506: HJCL Radio Panamericana, Girardot,  Colombia, 1140, v/s Sandra Forero

Radio Panamericana 1140 logo

#505: CKSL London ON 1410, v/s Scott Simpson


#504: WNSW 1430, Relevant Radio, Newark, NJ. v/s Rose M. Schauer, Donor Listener Relations Manager.

WNSW 1430 Relevant_Radio_logo

#503: CJAD Montreal 800. v/s Chris Bury, News and Program Director. E-mail.


#502: WNAM Neenah-Menasha, WI 1280. v/s Steve Griesbach, Chief Engineer. E-mail + photo + coverage map.


#501: WAMG Deadham, MA 890, v/s Ivon Gois. E-mail.


#500: CINA Mississauga, ON 1650. V/s Rick Sargent, Operations Manager. E-mail.

CINA 1650 logo

#499: ZYJ684 Radio Globo, Porto Velho,  Rondonia, 1310, v/s Juliana Paiva, Coordenação de Afiliadas

Radio Globo logo

#498: WTMJ Milwaukee WI 620. v/s Erik Bilstad, Executive producer, News. E-mail.


#497: WYLL Chicago IL, 1160, v/s Scott Strauss. E-mail.


#496: CFRX Toronto ON 6070, v/s Steve Canney VA3SC. E-mail


#495: KFGO, FARGO ND 790, v/s Peter F. Tanz, Senior Vice President, Midwest Communications Inc NEW STATE


#494: CBEF Windsor ON 1550. v/s Reza Moemeni, Supervisor Transmission Operations. E-mail.

cbef 1550 logo

#493: KDKA Pittsburg  PA 1020. v/s Michael Young, Senior Vice President & Pittsburgh Market Manager.  

The world’s oldest commercial AM station, started November 2, 1920


#492:  CFZM Zoomer Radio 740, Toronto ON. v/s Neil Hedley, co-host for “The Happy Gang”. E-mail


#491: CJDC Dawson Creek, BC, 890. V/S Terry Shepherd, General Manager, Bell Media. E-mail.

cjdc 890 logo

#490: WSNJ, Bridgeton, NJ 1240. V/S John A. Salvatore, Operations Manager. E-mail


#489: WRCA Waltham, MA 1330. v/s Stu Fink, General Manager, E-mail.


#488: WHBY Kimberly, WI 1150 v/s Dave Edwards, Prog. Dir. / Morning Host, E-mail.

whby 1150 logo

#487: CHRF Montreal 980 khz. V/s Yvan Ruel. E-mail.

CHRF radio-fierte-logo

E-mail QSL from my first Wisconsin station: WHBY Kimberly 1150. V/s was Dave Edwards, Program Director

#486:  CIWW Ottawa ON 1310, v/s Jason White, reporter. E-mail.

CIWW - 1310 logo

#485 – Country #152: The Voice of Asia, Tashkent, Usbekistan, 6260 khz, E-mail.

The Voice of Asia 6260

#484: WHJJ Providence, RI 920. v/s Bill George, Program & News Director


#483: Radio PARAENSE AM 1450, e-mail QSL from Equipe.

Radio Paraense 1450

#482: WOND Pleasantville NJ 1400: v/s Dave Coskey.


#481: WBAE Portland ME 1490. v/s Chris Mac McGorrill. “Amazing… The Bay!”

WBAE 1490 logo

#480 WTAQ, Green Bay, Wisconsin 1360. v/s Duke Wright (K9DJ), Market Manager

WTAQ 1360 logo

#479: WZAN Portland ME 970. v/s Chris Mac McGorrill, Operations Manager, Portland Radio Group “It is us WZAN_”

WZAN 970 logo

#478: WGAN Portland, ME, A simple “Yes, WGAN” came from  Mr. Chris Mac McGorrill, Operations Manager Portland Radio Group.


#487: HJKR Radio Maria, Bogotá, 1220, v/s Paola Calderón Gómez, Periodista

Radio MARIA Bogota logo

#486: WEPN,  New York, 1050 khz. V/s Rodney A Belizaire, Chief Engineer.

WEPN 1050 logo

#485: CFMJ Toronto 640. E-mail QSL from Mr. Gord Harris, Brand Director


#484: CFTR Toronto ON, 680 E-mail QSL from Melissa Fiore Promotions Coordinator


#483: WHAS, Louisville, KY, 840 e-mail QSL from Kelly Carls, Regional Programming Manager, iHeartMedia, Inc

WHAS 840 logo

#482: CHRB, High River, AB 1140. E-mail from Mr. Jay Penner, Station Manager.


#481: CFAM Altona MB 950 e-mail from  v/s Ed Siemens, Engineer.

CFAM 950 logo

#480: WDRC Hartford CT 1360, v/s: Scott Baron, Connoisseur Media, LLC


#479 WTNI Biloxi, Mississippi 1640. NEW STATE. E-mail QSL from Ricky Mitchell, Vice President/Market Manager


#478 WWKB, Buffalo NY 1520. E-mail QSL from Greg Ried


#477 WARV, Warwick, RI, NEW STATE. E-mail QSL from Bill Blount,

WARV logo

#476 WBBM Newsradio 780. E-mail QSL from  Ron Gleason, Director of News and Programming,

WBBM 780 Chicago logo

#475 WMVP 1000 E-mail QSL from John Humi, Chief Engineer on WMVP  / ESPN 1000


#474: CJBK 1290 E-mail QSL from Scott Simpson, Program Director

CJBK 1290 logo

#473 CKPC 1380. E-mail QSL from Randy Redden, General Manager

CKPC-AM 1380 logo

#472 – country #151:

First QSL of 2015:

VSB Bermuda 1450. Verification on Facebook. This is a new country for me and I hear the station quite often with nice music on this extremely crowded frequency. It has a very varied music format.