QSL’s received from JULY to DECEMBER 2016


#823: CMKS R. Trinchera Antiimperalista, (aka Radio Guantanamo), 1020 khz was heard Dec. 11. Tried e-mail, but no response. So Twitter was the solution when they were active there.  Got this message tonight. Dec. 19:


An e-mail  from Yliana Rodriguez Acosta came today, Dec. 22: “Buen día, disculpe la tardanza en responder, esa es nuestra emisora, que transmite 24 horas una programación variada para todo tipo de público. Que tenga junto a su familia una feliz navidad y próspero año nuevo”.

#822: WPHM Port Huron, MI 1380 was heard briefly yesterday and today I received a nice e-mail from Paul Miller (Program Director).


#821: YVOZ R. Tiempo, Caracas verified my report today. Nice e-mail from Andres E Noguera, Director General. Heard March 18 after a followup. Also response on Twitter (retweet).


#820: WDCD Albany NY 1540 khz verified my report today. I heard the station this morning. Cris Alexander, CE sent an e-mail with some pictures of the station.


#819: WTCH Shawano WI 960 khz verified my report today.  A brief e-mail from Eric Voight, Results Broadcasting. I heard the station this morning.


(#808) WIRL Peoria IL 1290: PDF QSL from CE Wayne R Miller, Chief Engineer W9MI. Replied earlier on Facebook.

Microsoft Word - Edh_WIRL

(#811) WMBD Peoria IL 1470: PDF QSL. Same v/s as WIRL.  Replied earlier on Facebook.

Microsoft Word - Rinkenin_WMBD

#818: WSOO Sault Ste. Marie, MI 1230 khz verified my report today. Heard Dec. 4. Johnny M. Bell, News Director sent a brief email expressing surprise that the station has been heard so far away.



#817: KDMT Arvada, CO 1690 Khz verified my report late this evening, Dec. 9, with an e-mail from Cliff Mikkelson, Director of Engineering. Heard Sep. 17. He says they are currently working on mailable and emailable QSL cards for all the stations (Salem Media stations?)

kdmt logo.jpg

#815: CJYM Rosetown SK 1330 verified my report today. Heard Dec. 4.  Email signed Barb Bell


#814: XEEP R. Educacion, Mexico 1060 khz verified my report on Twitter. Heard this morning with a good signal.


#813: WRED Westbrook ME 1440 verified my report today. Heard Nov. 8. Dave Schumacher signed the e-mail.


#812: WSUA, Radio Caracol, Miami, FL. 1260 kHz verified my report today with an email from Mr. Oscar Franco, Chief Technician. I heard the station Nov. 19.


#811: WMBD Peoria IL 1470 khz verified my report today on Facebook. Heard Nov. 7.


#810: CFNV Montreal QC 940 khz verified my report on Twitter. The station started test broadcast Nov. 17 and I heard it Nov. 18. I couldn’t find any e-mail or website yet, but my friend OJ guided me to their Twitter account. Thanks for Quebec #12 and Canada #114.


#809: YVXM Radio Minuto, Barquisimeto, 790 khz verified my report on Twitter. I heard the station Nov. 24.



#808: WIRL Peoria  IL 1290 verified my report today on Facebook.


#807: Radio Moldova, 1494 khz verified my report today. Heard Nov. 9. E-mail from  Mr. Andrei Luchianciuc, International Relations Departement.


#806: CKST Vancouver BC 1040 khz verified my report today with a brief e-mail from Robert Gray, Program Director.  Heard November 6 when conditions were good to West Coast.


#805: BBC Radio Essex 765 khz verified my report today. Heard Oct. 27. Thanks to Mr. Tom Croasdell freelance newsreader/reporter who answered my e-mail.



#804: ZP7 ABC Cardinal, Asuncion, 730 khz verified my report today after a follow-up to Mr. Roberto Sosa, Journalistic Director. Heard August 2.


#803: CJNB North Battleford SK 1050 verified my report tonight. Garth Kalin, Operations Manager for stations in the Jim Patterson Group gave me Saskatchewan number 13.


#802: KART Jerome ID, 1400 khz verified my report today. I heard the station last Friday with a fair signal. V/S: Kim Lee, Owner and GM of Lee Family Broadcasting Inc.

#801: KKMO Tacoma WA 1360 khz “El Rey” verified my report from March 6. V/s Monte Passmore, Engineer.


#800: Radio 538, Hilversum, NL on 891 khz verified my report today, October 24. I heard the station Oct. 23 with a good signal. E-mail came from Paul Floor in the Master Control Room. This station is now history on 891 khz, reports says (Nov. 16).


#799: KGA Spokane WA 1510 khz verified my report this evening. I heard the station on Oct. 10. Jerry Jensen, Market Manager signed the e-mail. He is proud of beeing partly Norwegian. His grandfather came to USA from Tingvold in early 1900s.

radio-spokane kga-logo

#798: Radio Asia, UAE 1269 khz verified my report this morning. Heard yesterday with a good signal. Thanks to Lakshmy.


#797: KNWC Sioux Falls SD 1270 khz (“Faith 1270”) verified my report today. Heard September 17. Clayton Heeren, Chief Engineer verified the report.


#796: ERT, Chania, Crete, 1512 khz verified my report today. I heard the station June 26 with a good signal at 0100z. Mr. Dimitris K. Gazidellis Ph.D, Director of Network Developement & Operations ERT SA verified my report.


#795: WCCW Traverse City MI, 1310 khz, “The Score” verified my report today. Heard September 20. V/s Brian R. Hale, Operations Manager.



#794: PJZ86 Z86 Radio, Curacao 860 khz verified my report on Facebook, saying “That’s us”. Heard the station Sept. 25, using the Smöla SDR.


#793: WAAM Ann Arbor, MI 1600 verified my report today. v/s Dan Martin who says it was his voice saying “WAAM” in the beginning of the recording.


#792: KVGB Great Bend, KS 1590 khz verified my report today. V/s Patrick Burnett of Eagle Radio in Great Bend. Heard September 18 (Smøla).


#791: HJCC Radio Acuario Estereo, Bogotá, 1010 khz verified my report this evening. Carolina Casas V. signed the e-mail which originally was sent to the info address on their website. I heard the station September 21st using the 700 meter beverage antenna at Smöla.


#790: CHFC Churchill MB 1230 khz verified my report today. I heard the station with a faint signal Sep. 19 and was in doubt if it could be verified. I sent a question to the General Manager of CBC Manitoba, Cecil Rosner, who sent it to the right person: Bryan Harder who says: “Hello Kai. I’m pleased to say that I have listened to the sound file and can confirm that this is our signal from our Thompson studio. I was able to make out the announcer’s voice and clearly heard our signature sting.” 


#789: KGLO Mason City IA, 1300 khz. e-mail QSL received promptly from  Dalena Barz, Market Manager of Alpha Media. I heard the station this morning with a good signal.


#788: Snail mail registrered letter today from PETÖFI Radio,  94.3 Mhz which was heard May 16. Also a key strap was included with this full data QSL. V/S Kornel Suvges, Technical Dep. MTVA. My first Hungarian station on FM.


#787: First NA QSL in this 2016/17 season: WAUB Auburn NY 1590 verified my report today. Heard yesterday with a good signal. V/S: Ted Baker, Program Director who writes: “I’m pleased to confirm your reception of 1590 AM, WAUB in Auburn, New York. We get about three or four reports a year, mostly from Lapland, with Norway a close second. Yours is one of the better quality recordings I’ve heard. We have also had a number of reception reports of our other news/talk station, 1240 AM, WGVA in Geneva. Thanks for writing and let us know if you are able to get WGVA.”



Log 2016

630 21.2.2016 0614- GBR: BBC Three Counties Radio, Luton. id and local promo for open mosque in Luton. KM (Smøla) Edit
828 26.3.2016 0500- AZR: Antena 1, Monte das Cruzes. nice id. Strong signal. KM (Smøla) Edit
891 8.3.2016 0702- HOL: Radio 538 Hulsberg. id. KM (SMØLA) Edit
963 22.10.2016 1600- CYP: CyBC RIK Proto Program, Nicosia. nice id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1080 22.2.2016 0750- E: SER R. Coruña, Coruña. local news. KM (Smøla) Edit
1359 31.3.2016 2025- G: Free Radio 80s, Coventry. jingle and pop music. Strongest stn on the fq tonight with its 270 watts. KM (Smøla) Edit
1377 29.3.2016 2145- G: Asian Sound Radio, Ashton Moss. id. QRM from TZA. Only 80 watts. KM (Smøla) Edit
1395 1.8.2016 2200- HOL: R. Atlantis, Friesland. id + news. No sign of the new station Q AM. KM (Smøla) Edit
1395 25.10.2016 1750- HOL: R. Seabreeze, Grou. fin id. Tnx Arvid H for listening – xAtlantis. KM (Smøla) Edit
1395 25.6.2016 0100- HOL: Radio Atlantis, Friesland. Id: “Radio Atlantis,the new generation of golden oldies”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1503 21.5.2016 0300- AZR: AFN Lajes Field. KM (Smøla) Edit
1512 26.6.2016 0100- GRC: ERA Proto Programa, Khania. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1602 20.2.2016 2202- E: SER R. Linares, Linares. id in a short break during a footballmatch. KM (Smøla) Edit
917 23.3.2016 2330- NIG: R Gotel, Yola. id + mx. KM (Smøla) Edit
1377 28.3.2016 2030-2100 TZA: R Free Africa, Mwanza. id. Tnx for tip, Arvid H. KM (Smøla) Edit
1377 23.6.2016 2200- TZA: Radio Free Africa, Mwanza. good signal tonight. KM (Smøla) Edit
279 5.4.2016 2000- TKM: Turkmenistan Radio, Asgabat. KM (Smøla) Edit
1269 11.10.2016 1640- UAE: Radio Asia. KM (Smøla) Edit
North America
550 6.3.2016 0634- USA: WSAU Wausau WI. WSAU weather – a LA station was on the fq earlier. EQA? KM (SMØLA) Edit
560 18.1.2016 0655- CAN: CFOS Owen Sound, ON. “AM 560 CFOS” followed by Roy Orbison: Crying. KM (Smøla) Edit
560 27.2.2016 0600- USA: KMON Great Falls, MT. nice id “Big Sky Country KMON Great Falls”. KM (Smøla) Edit
600 26.1.2016 0805-0830 CAN: CKAT North Bay ON. a couple of ids in between country music and ads. KM (Smøla) Edit
610 29.1.2016 0603- CAN: CKTB St. Catharines, ON. KM (Smøla) Edit
610 31.1.2016 0728- CAN: CKYL Peace River AB. “YL Country”. KM (Smøla) Edit
620 28.1.2016 0319- CAN: CKCM Grand Falls-Windsor NS. Lokal id “620 VOCM”. KM (Smøla) Edit
620 20.9.2016 0505- CAN: CKRM Regina SK. KM (Smøla) Edit
640 29.1.2016 0100- CAN: CBN St. John’s NS. local id, strong signal. KM (Smøla) Edit
680 11.10.2016 0630- ALS: KBRW Barrow AK. Wx report for Barrow. KM (Smøla) Edit
710 7.3.2016 0700- USA: KIRO Seattle WA. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
720 7.2.2016 1030- ALS: KOTZ Kotzebue AK. AK stations this morning on SMØLA (315)! This one checked // web. KM (Smøla) Edit
720 27.2.2016 0635- USA: WGN Chicago IL. WGN Weather. KM (Smøla) Edit
730 16.2.2016 0727- CAN: CKDM Dauphin MB. wx report and id. KM (Smøla) Edit
750 24.9.2016 0340- CAN: CKJH Melfort SK. “CK 750”. Now Sport format. Hockey. KM (Smøla) Edit
860 1.1.2016 0900- CAN: Tentative: CBKF-2 Saskatoon SK. “Ici Premiere”. KM (Smøla) Edit
860 10.11.2016 0559- CAN: CBKF-2 Saskatoon SK. id mentioning Regina. KM (Smøla) Edit
900 1.1.2016 0835- CAN: CKBI Prince Albert SK. id “Today’s country 900, CKBI”. KM (Smøla) Edit
920 13.9.2016 0452- USA: WHJJ Providence RI. “News Radio 920”. KM (Smøla) Edit
940 18.11.2016 0050- CAN: CFNV Montréal QC. FF mx and announcements between the songs. KM (Smøla) Edit
950 13.2.2016 0100- USA: WNTD Chicago IL. ID “930 and 950 Chicago, Relevant radio”. KM (Smøla) Edit
960 13.1.2016 0441- CAN: CFAC Calgary AB. “TSN 960 The Fan”, QRM from Cuba. KM (Smøla) Edit
960 14.12.2016 1018- USA: WTCH Shawano WI. “This is your Christmas station WTCH 960 AM and 96.1 FM”. KM (Smøla) Edit
970 20.1.2016 0230- ALS: KFBX Fairbanks AK. Surprised me on the 315 degrees antenna. QRM from an other talk station under. KM (Smøla) Edit
1020 9.4.2016 0700- USA: KCKN Roswell NM. id mentioning all the stations in the network. KM (Smøla) Edit
1030 4.12.2016 0640- USA: KTWO Casper WY. ID before C2C continued. KM (Smøla) Edit
1040 6.11.2016 0700- CAN: CKST Vancouver BC. “exclusively on TSN 1040”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1050 11.10.2016 0623- CAN: CJNB North Battleford SK. KM (Smøla) Edit
1070 20.9.2016 0430- USA: KNX Los Angeles CA. KM (Smøla) Edit
1130 6.11.2016 0640- CAN: CKWX Vancouver BC. traffic info, id. Not a new one for me. Have QSL from 1975. KM (Smøla) Edit
1140 22.9.2016 0548- CAN: CHRB High River AB. “Your community radio station AM 1140”. This was on 315. Panamericana dominated earlier on the 290 antenna. KM (Smøla) Edit
1150 6.11.2016 0616- CAN: CJSL Estevan SK. “CJ 1150” + talk stn. KM (Smøla) Edit
1150 11.4.2016 0800- USA: WHBY Kimberly WI. still some faint signals on 315. Was hoping for an other station with C2C on toh. KM (Smøla) Edit
1190 17.12.2016 1200- USA: KEX Portland OR. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1200 8.3.2016 0556-0600 USA: KFNW West Fargo ND. KFNW id 0556. Full id 0600. It is not in the Commercial address list. Tried the web form. KM (SMØLA) Edit
1230 19.9.2016 0459- CAN: CHFC Churchill MB. «This is CBC Radio 1 – 100.9 in Thompson», tnx OJ. KM (Smøla) Edit
1230 4.12.2016 0900- USA: WSOO Sault Sainte Marie MI. ID. KM (Smøla) Edit
1260 20.11.2016 0200- USA: WSUA Miami FL. “WSUA Caracol”. Tnx for tip Arvid H. KM (Smøla) Edit
1270 18.9.2016 0545- USA: KNWC Sioux Falls SD. “Faith 1270”. Tnx OJ. KM (Smøla) Edit
1270 4.1.2016 0603- USA: WTSN Dover NH.. id WTSN CBS Sports Radio – ss stn under. KM (Smøla) Edit
1280 11.4.2016 0440- USA: WNAM Neenah-Menasha, WI. nice id WNAM, Americas Best Music. KM (Smøla) Edit
1280 24.9.2016 0452- USA: WNAM Neenah-Menasha, WI. jingle. KM (Smøla) Edit
1290 22.11.2016 0657- USA: WIRL Peorila IL. “1290, 102.7 WIRL”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1300 22.9.2016 0600- USA: KGLO Mason City IA. nice id “AM 1300 KGLO”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1300 9.4.2016 0512- USA: WJMO Cleveland OH. “We’re proud to say that you will probably hear this song in Cleveland only on this radio station, Praise 1300 AM”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1310 20.9.2016 0032- USA: WCCW Traverse City MI. “The Score WCCW”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1330 4.12.2016 0835- CAN: CJYM Rosetown SK. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1330 13.2.2016 0235- USA: KNSS Wichita KS. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1330 9.10.2016 0600- USA: WFNN Erie PA. KM (Smøla) Edit
1330 5.12.2016 0600- USA: Tentative: WWRV New York NY. “AM 1330 New York Radio Vision Christiana” + stn w Fox sport. This can also be HIVC Dominican Republic, OJ says. Therefore Tent. KM (Smøla) Edit
1350 31.12.2016 0945- USA: KRLC Lewiston ID. came up with “your hometown radio 1350”. QRM from a ESPN station. KM (Smøla)Edit
1360 6.3.2016 0900- USA: KKMO Tacoma WA. finally a good id. KM (SMØLA) Edit
1360 18.9.2016 0535- USA: WTAQ Green Bay WI. KM (Smøla) Edit
1380 2.3.2016 1000- USA: KLIZ Brainerd MN. “Fox Sports Radio for the Brainerd Lakes – KLIZ AM Brainerd Baxter”, tnx OJS. KM (Smøla) Edit
1380 22.10.2016 0606- USA: KOTA Rapid City SD. “you’re listening to news radio 1380 KOTA”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1380 17.12.2016 0632- USA: KOTA Rapid City SD. id in a mix of stations. Both WPHM and KOTA running C2C. Still on at 1230z. KM (Smøla) Edit
1380 21.12.2016 0844- USA: KRCM Shenandoah TX. “Vida 13-80 – La Estacion Cristiana”. Tnx for listening OJ. KM (Smøla) Edit
1380 17.12.2016 1046- USA: KRKO Everett, WA. “FSR 1380 – KRKO”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1380 18.1.2016 1000- USA: WOTE Clintonville WI. Fin id “ESPN-1380 WOTE Clintonville”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1380 17.12.2016 0605- USA: WPHM Port Huron MI. ID before C2C continued. KM (Smøla) Edit
1390 23.2.2016 0656- USA: WGRB Chicago IL. “Inspiration 13-90”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1390 4.3.2016 0600- USA: WNIO Youngstown OH. “I heart Radio – the sports animal” under WEGP and also WCAT was in the crowd with oldies. KM (SMØLA) Edit
1400 22.10.2016 0535- USA: KART Jerome ID. mentioning FM 94.7. KM (Smøla) Edit
1420 13.1.2016 0405- CAN: CKDY Digby NS. nice CKDY id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1420 27.1.2016 0940- USA: KTOE Mankato MN. “Now back to Coast To Coast on 1420 KTOE …”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1420 29.2.2016 0600- USA: WHK Cleveland OH. nice id “WHK 1420 – The answer”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1420 30.1.2016 0730- USA: WOC Davenport IA. wx report from KWQC TV 6. KM (Smøla) Edit
1430 17.12.2016 1226- USA: KEZW Aurora CO. “Cruisin’ 1430”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1430 29.3.2016 0533- USA: WOIR Homestead FL. TC + “Radio Zoe”, tnx HK – FB QSL. KM (Smøla) Edit
1440 21.1.2016 0530- CAN: CKJR Wetaskiwin AB. nice id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1440 2.3.2016 0630- USA: WFNY Gloversville NY. nice jingle. KM (Smøla) Edit
1440 5.1.2016 0555-0610 USA: WHKZ Warren OH. “AM 1220 the word” at 0606. KM (Smøla) Edit
1440 10.1.2016 0600- USA: WHKZ Warren OH. ID “WHKZ one” this time. KM (SMØLA) Edit
1440 7.10.2016 0600- USA: WHKZ Warren OH. Nice id mentioning the sister station WHKW 1220 and FM fq. At 0550 I had WJJL. KM (Smøla) Edit
1440 5.1.2016 0635- USA: WJJL Niagara Falls NY. I was pretty shure was CKJR, because I heard the same music on their web some minutes earlier, but the station manager said it was not them, but WJJL, which is a kind of surprise, as it has only 55 watts in the night. After listening again to the recording it is clearly WJJL. KM (Smøla) Edit
1440 24.3.2016 0600- USA: WMAX Bay City MI. id. Tnx OJS. KM (Smøla) Edit
1440 4.1.2016 0600- USA: WRED Westbrook MA. “The Big Jab” + Fox Sport. Great with clear frequency. KM (Smøla) Edit
1440 25.3.2016 0500- USA: WRED Westbrook ME. a mix of Brasil and East coast USA this morning. This one won on TOH. KM (Smøla) Edit
1440 10.11.2016 0143- USA: WRED Westbrook ME. “The Big Jab 96.3”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1460 2.4.2016 0800- USA: KXNO Des Moines IA. “FSR XNO”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1470 5.1.2016 1000- CAN: CJVB Vancouver BC. Fin id “AM 1470 Fairchild Radio” + jingle. KM (Smøla) Edit
1470 7.11.2016 0700- USA: WMBD Peoria IL. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1490 29.2.2016 0655- USA: WOSH Oshkosh WI. nice id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1510 10.10.2016 0620- USA: KGA Spokane WA. ad for recreational marihuana in Spokane. KM (Smøla) Edit
1510 6.3.2016 0956- USA: KGA Spokane WA.. “Sports radio 1510 – KGA”. KM (SMØLA) Edit
1550 6.3.2016 1000- USA: KRPI Ferndale WA. id. Tnx for alerting, Arvid H. KM (SMØLA) Edit
1560 2.4.2016 0747- USA: KGOW Bellair TX. “Yahoo sport radio 1560”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1560 11.4.2016 0411- USA: KGOW Bellaire TX. “Yahoo Sports Radio 1560”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1590 2.4.2016 0649- USA: KGFK East Grand Forks MN. “We are 95.7 The Forks” + other stations. Strong signal. KM (Smøla) Edit
1590 18.9.2016 0505- USA: KVGB Great Bend KS. “right here on KVGB”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1590 7.11.2016 0638- USA: WAUB Auburn NY. KM (Smøla) Edit
1590 14.9.2016 0429- USA: WAUB Auburn NY. . “The best Weather team on the radio: 98.1 fm and 1590 WAUB”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1600 30.1.2016 0815- USA: KGYM Cedar Rapids IA. Id after wx. KM (Smøla) Edit
1600 24.9.2016 0600- USA: WAAM Ann Arbor MI. ID, but a station played classic pop songs was more interesting. A 3rd station with ESPN appeared 0602. KM (Smøla) Edit
1630 18.11.2016 0651- USA: KKGM Fort Worth TX. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1650 4.12.2016 0458- USA: KCNZ Cedar Falls IA. “1650 The Fan”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1660 16.9.2016 0600- USA: KQWB West Fargo ND. id. Best on the 315 ant. KM (Smøla) Edit
1660 16.9.2016 0215- USA: WCNZ Marco Isl FL. Relevant radio. KM (Smøla) Edit
1670 5.1.2016 0000- USA: WPLA Macon GA. “Fox sport radio 1670”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1690 16.9.2016 0158- CAN: CHTO Toronto ON. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1690 18.9.2016 0429- USA: KDMT Arvada CO. “Denver’s Money Talk 1690”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1700 5.1.2016 0800- USA: Tentative: KKLF Richardson TX. Tejano under FSR (KVNS) and also WRCR was in this mess. KM (Smøla)Edit
Central America
860 25.9.2016 0554- CUW: PJZ86 R. Curom, Willemstad, Curacao. Played some nice music. A jingle puzzled me. Solved by Henrik Klemetz. Thanks. Stn faded out before toh. KM (Smøla) Edit
960 13.1.2016 0442- CUB: CMBD R Rebelde, Guantanmo. Tc “Radio Rebelde, 42 minutos”, surprised me. I expected Reloj. The usual clock ticking was there. A change here? KM (Smøla) Edit
1020 11.12.2016 0830- CUB: CMKS R. Trinchera Antiimperalista, Baracoa. tnx HK for listening. Calls itself also Radio Guantanamo on web. KM (Smøla) Edit
1060 4.12.2016 0701- MEX: XEEP R. Educacion, Mexico City. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1240 20.11.2016 0150- DOM: Radio Maria de Altagracia, Sto. Domingo. id. Thanks for listening, HK. KM (Smøla) Edit
1420 30.3.2016 0800- PTR: WUKQ Ponce PR. WKAQ id + other stations. KM (Smøla) Edit
1440 1.4.2016 0500- DOM: HIC55 R Impactante, Santo Domingo. id. Tnx Valter Comuzzi, Real DX-group. KM (Smøla) Edit
1470 24.4.2016 0240- PTR: WKUM Orocovis. “Cumbre 14-70” id and close down. Very strong signal. ex WKCK. KM (Smøla) Edit
1520 10.12.2016 0702- PTR: WRSJ San Juan PR. Strong signal. xWVOZ. KM (Smøla) Edit
1520 4.1.2016 2300- PTR: WVOZ San Juan. id “Salud 15-20” – PTR on several fqs early this evening. KM (Smøla) Edit
1520 1.9.2016 0200- PTR: WVOZ San Juan. KM (Smøla) Edit
1560 28.1.2016 0613- PNR: HO.. R. Adventista de Panamá. came up with an id and rel. mx before WFME took over. KM (Smøla) Edit
1580 9.4.2016 0500- PTR: WMKI Morovis PR. // 1660 + CKDO w/oldies. KM (Smøla) Edit
1620 15.8.2016 0310- VIR: WDHP Frederiksted. CW // web. KM (Smøla) Edit
1620 20.9.2016 0540- VIR: WDHP Frederiksted. BBC WS. KM (Smøla) Edit
South America
540 7.2.2016 0700- CLM: HJKA R Auténcia, Bogotá. id + an other station. KM (Smøla) Edit
570 7.2.2016 0732- CLM: HJND R Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá. Id. Strong signal // 580 // 560 // 610 on 580 also PTR. KM (Smøla) Edit
600 10.1.2016 0425- CLM: HJHJ R Libertad, Barranquilla. Dominated the frequency. No traces of WBOB dx test. Only CW signal was a beacon “TSB” on 340. KM (SMØLA) Edit
640 1.9.2016 0425- VEN: YVQO Union Radio Porteñas, Puerto La Cruz. KM (Smøla) Edit
680 1.9.2016 0439- VEN: YVQR Radio Continente Cumaná. id, two minutes later came R. Nacional Colombia with an id. KM (Smøla) Edit
700 7.3.2016 0506- ARG: LV3 Cadena 3, Cordoba. ID “Radio Cordoba” and “Cadena 3”. Strong signal this time. KM (Smøla) Edit
700 6.3.2016 0604- EQA: HCRS2 R Sucre, Guayaquil. KM (SMØLA) Edit
730 2.8.2016 0325- PRG: ZP7 ABC Cardinal, Asuncion. id. Thanks for listening OJ :). KM (Smøla) Edit
730 9.1.2016 0800- PRU: OAX4G RPP Noticias, Lima. nice id. KM (Smøla) Edit
730 2.12.2016 0748- PRU: RPP Noticias, Lima. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
790 28.3.2016 0600- VEN: YVXM R. Minuto, Barquisimeto. KM (Smøla) Edit
790 24.11.2016 0518- VEN: YVXM R. Minuto, Barquisimeto. KM (Smøla) Edit
820 22.3.2016 0353- CLM: HJED Caracol Radio, Cali. Caracol id. Tnks HK. KM (Smøla) Edit
840 15.8.2016 0400- ARG: LV9 Radio Salta, Salta/La Merced. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
850 15.8.2016 0352- CLM: HJKC Candela 850, Bogotá. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
850 28.3.2016 0558- CLM: HJKC Candela AM, Bogotá. KM (Smøla) Edit
850 1.8.2016 0300- PRU: OBU7Z Radio Pachamama Puno. id, but too weak for rprt. Next time. Tnx for checking, Bjarne. KM (Smøla) Edit
850 4.8.2016 0258- PRU: OBU7Z Radio Pachamama Puno. id + hymn and cd. Good signal this morning. KM (Smøla) Edit
930 3.4.2016 0500- URG: CX20 R Monte Carlo. nice jingle + “Informativo 930 – Noticias en Monte Carlo”. La Plata conds this morning. 1450 El Sol was strong, as well as 1190 R. America earlier. KM (Smøla) Edit
970 15.8.2016 0350- CLM: HJCI R Red de RCN, Bogotá. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1010 21.9.2016 0505- CLM: HJCC R Acuario Estéreo Bogotá. KM (Smøla) Edit
1020 3.1.2016 0700- PRG: Tentative: ZP14 R.Ñanduti, Asuncion. slightly offset 1020.050. Id has to be checked further. Music was // web earlier. Very faint. KM (Smøla) Edit
1050 6.6.2016 0244- URG: CX26 S.O.D.R.E, Montevideo. id and faded out. KM (Smøla) Edit
1080 21.2.2016 0628- VEN: YVNR R Venezuela, Maracay. id under US stn. KM (Smøla) Edit
1110 21.7.2016 0230- ARG: LS1 Radio de la Ciudad, Buenos Aires. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1110 4.1.2016 2330- VEN: YVQT R. Carupano. nice id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1110 8.10.2016 0545- VEN: YVQT R. Venezuela, Carúpano. frequent id’s and tcs. Time checks ca 5 minutes later than actual time. Strong signal. xR. Carúpano. KM (Smøla) Edit
1120 1.8.2016 0327- B: ZYK274 Rádio Rural AM, Porto Alegre, RS. KM (Smøla) Edit
1120 3.12.2016 0402- CLM: HJKQ Caracol Radio, Tunja. Caracol ID + other LA + KMOX. KM (Smøla) Edit
1190 12.8.2016 0336- ARG: LR9 R America, Buenos Aires. obviously back. Nice id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1200 31.3.2016 0405- CLM: HJIJ La Voz del Raza, Medellín. id – offset as usual. KM (Smøla) Edit
1200 31.3.2016 0352- CLM: HJNF R Red RCN, Cali. qrm from other stations, but nice id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1280 5.2.2016 0845- VEN: Tentative: YVOF R. Trujillo, Trujillo. no, id but HK says lotteria Triple Zulia results suggests that it is this station as the station had 76 years anniversary Feb. 4. Enormous strenght this time. KM (Smøla) Edit
1280 16.12.2016 0012- VEN: YVQS Radio Zaraza, Zaraza. id. Tnx HK for listening. KM (Smøla) Edit
1290 10.11.2016 2200- VEN: YVLF R. Puerto Cabello. nice id. Earliest hour that I’ve heard it. (290). KM (Smøla) Edit
1310 28.4.2016 0339-0350 CLM: HJJZ Radio 3:16, Bogotá. Acc. to Henrik Klemetz this is a new station which started just a few days ago. Ex Colorin, ColorRadio, ex- Radio Manantial, ex-Radio Aviva2 (Aviva2 has moved to 1280) says Pentti Linttujärvi in DX-LC FB group. Still some discussion on this. http://www.radio316.com.co/ – thanks for info, Henrik. KM (Smøla) Edit
1310 8.9.2016 0255- CLM: HJJZ Radio 3:16, Bogotá. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1350 4.12.2016 0600- EQA: HCVR2 Teleradio 13-50, Guyaquil. KM (Smøla) Edit
1350 8.1.2016 0658- PRU: OAX3N Ondas del Huallaga, Huánuco. id, nice Peru mx. KM (Smøla) Edit
1360 12.4.2016 0426- CLM: HJRA Ecos 13-60, Pereira. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1360 29.4.2016 0500- CLM: HJUO Oxígeno R, Cartagena. KM (Smøla) Edit
1360 1.9.2016 0459- PRU: OCU4I Radio Bienestar, Lima. nice id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1370 28.3.2016 0530- CLM: HJKI Radio Mundial, Bogotá. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1400 12.7.2016 0226- URG: CX140 R. Zorilla de San Martin, Tacuarembó. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1410 6.11.2016 0628- VEN: YVSP Radio Simpatía, Valera. also heard the day after at 0728. On both occations with a distorted signal. Thanks to Fredrik Dourén for listening. KM (Smøla) Edit
1420 18.5.2016 0218-0235 ARG: LRI220 Radio Dime, Villa Martelli, BA. KM (Smøla) Edit
1420 22.6.2016 0230- ARG: LRI220 Radio Dime, Villa Martelli, BA. KM (Smøla) Edit
1420 30.4.2016 0402- CLM: HJHK R. Recuerdos, Manizales. id + other stations on the fq. KM (Smøla) Edit
1430 31.1.2016 0530-0600 CLM: HJPW R Colmundo, Barranquilla. offset 1429.950. Frequent ids between pop songs. KM (Smøla) Edit
1450 6.1.2016 0845- CLM: HJNL La Cariñosa, Manizales. Id. Salsa mixed with sacral mx from Radio Maria and talk from an USA stn. KM (Smøla) Edit
1450 11.12.2016 0552- CLM: HJNL La Cariñosa, Manizales. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1450 20.9.2016 0535- VEN: YVKJ Radio Maria, Caracas. KM (Smøla) Edit
1470 8.1.2016 0500- CLM: HJNT R Huellas, Cali. offset 1470.070. KM (Smøla) Edit
1470 12.7.2016 0240- URG: CX147 R Cristal del Uruguay, Las Piedras. faint. Mx//web. Id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1490 21.3.2016 0502- EQA: HCSM5 R Santa María, Azogues. Nice id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1490 17.10.2016 0502- EQA: HCSM5 R Santa María, Azogues. Nasjonalsang og id. Stengte? Tnx HK for sjekk. KM (Smøla) Edit
1510 7.5.2016 0250-0320 ARG: LRI253 R. Belgrano, Suardi, SF. sportpx. (Basketball). Id 0303. After that: disco time. KM (Smøla) Edit
1520 6.5.2016 0330- CLM: HJLI Su Precensia, Bogotá. new station name, ex Libertad. Checked // web + other stn. KM (Smøla) Edit
1550 6.1.2016 0900- CLM: HJCB Radio El Sol, Barranquilla. ID. KM (Smøla) Edit
1550 30.4.2016 0600- CLM: HJZI G12 Radio, Bogotá. + other stations. KM (Smøla) Edit
1550 8.9.2016 0248- CLM: HJZI G12 Radio, Bogotá. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1550 28.12.2016 0800- CLM: HJZI G12 Radio, Bogotá. ID. KM (Smøla) Edit
1590 10.7.2016 0210- VEN: YVUD Radio Deporte 15-90 Caracas. id 0226. KM (Smøla) Edit
1600 6.4.2016 0400-0405 BRA: ZYK779 Rádio Nove de Julho, Sao Paulo. id 0403. KM (Smøla) Edit
1440 26.3.2016 0457- BEL: Paradise FM. id followed by news in German. Located in Eastern Belgium acc. to info from the station itself which sent a QSL. Testing on this fq this Easter with 160 W in C-QUAM Stereo mode. Also heard Jan. 1 after Lux closed. KM (Smøla) Edit
1512 25.12.2016 2100- HOL: Kerstman Radio. strong signal at times. QSB. KM (Smøla) Edit
1611 27.3.2016 2225- HOL: Technical Man. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1615 26.3.2016 2023- HOL: Mustang Radio. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1617 27.3.2016 2226- HOL: Radio Uniek, Klazienaveen, Drenthe. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1620 25.3.2016 1922- HOL: Dolfijn Radio. id. Easter is a busy time for pirate hunters. KM (Smøla) Edit
1630 27.3.2016 2258- HOL: Radiozender Noordezon. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1641 26.3.2016 1739- HOL: Studio 52. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1645 27.3.2016 2254- HOL: Radio Monte Carlo. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1670 27.3.2016 2248- HOL: Radio Matrix. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1675 26.3.2016 2120- HOL: Radio Zwarte Panter. pop music. id. KM (Smøla) Edit