Log 2015 KONG SDR in arctic Norway w/50 meter L antenna

864 24.9. 1624-1625 ARM: TWR Gavar. QSL Oct. 8. New country. KM (Kong) Edit
999 4.10. 1800- MDA: TWR Grigoriopol. KM (Kong) Edit
1035 15.9. 1815- EST: Radio Eli, Narva. id. E-mail QSL 16.9. KM (Kong) Edit
1485 14.9. 2130-2140 NOR: NRK Longyearbyen, Svalbard. equal in strenght as Radio Merkurs. Election program. At this time interview with Erna Solberg on the national service. No id of course. Don’t know if they have their own local election program. First time I hear this. KM (Kong) Edit
675 29.9. 1635-1645 VTN: Voice of Vietnam, VOV1. //web: http://vov1.vov.vn/ QRM fra arabisk talende stn. KM (KONG) Edit
720 8.9. 2030- KRE: KCBS Pyongyang. started their program (0500 local time). Good signal. https://soundcloud.com/la2to/20150908-2030-720-kcbs-pyongyang. KM (Kong) Edit
792 29.9. 1858-1900 TWN: BEV79 Keelung Kuangpo Tientai. Identified by Jari Savolainen, tnks. KM (KONG) Edit
873 4.10. 1650-1705 IND: AIR North, Jalandhar. a little earlier // 747. This one being the strongest. Sitar/tabla music. No talk. Same program on 918. KM (Kong) Edit
918 4.10. 1930- IND: AIR North, Suratgarh. id followed by news. KM (Kong) Edit
1134 30.9. 1447- J: JOQR NCB Bunka Hoso Tokyo. id. QSL info? KM (KONG) Edit
1143 28.9. 1749- TWN: Taiwan Fishery Broadcasting Station. end of nx. Probably id. Strong signal. Tnx for tip Arvid H. KM (Kong) Edit
1179 30.9. 1451-1500 J: JOOR MBS Mainichi Hoso, Osaka. Fading in and out, MBS id 1500. QSL info? KM (Kong) Edit
1188 30.9. 1502- J: JOKP NHK Radio 1, Kitami. mentioning Hokkaido in the news. KM (Kong) Edit
1287 27.9. 1800- J: JOHR Hokkaido Hoso, Sapporo. strong signal. Looking for QSL-info. KM (Kong) Edit
1296 29.9. 2000- TWN: BCC News Network, Taipei. identified by my Chinese friend Ying :). KM (KONG) Edit
1341 6.9. 1830- CHN: Shenyang RGD Tiyu. Had to get some help identifying this one. KM (Kong) Edit
1350 8.9. 2000- J: JOER Hiroshima. id. An e-mail to radio@rcc.net was quickly answered by a journalist who was about to start his morning program. KM (Kong) Edit
1350 29.9. 2030-2032 PHL: DWUN UNTV R La Verdad. clear id. My first Phil. KM (KONG) Edit
1377 14.9. 1430- CHN: CNR1. ID. Confirmed. KM (Kong) Edit
1413 8.9. 1800- J: JOIF Fukuoka. id. S9. JJ on 1350, 1287, 1278 as well. KM (Kong) Edit
1593 27.9. 1500- CHN: CNR1 . ID. QSL from Ying Lian. KM (Kong) Edit
North America
680 7.10. 1430- ALS: KBRW Barrow AK. s3 on the meter. NPR news. KM (Kong) Edit
900 17.10. 0915- ALS: Tentative: ALS: KZPA Fort Yukon AK. good strengt this time. Possible id? New to me. KM (KONG) Edit

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