log January 2015

630 15.1. 0730- GBR: BBC Radio Cornwall. Very good signal. KM (Smøla) Edit
1550 7.1. 2145-2200 ALG: Saharwi Arab Dom. National Radio. possible id on the hour. KM (Smøla) Edit
North America
560 16.1. 0700- USA: WGAN Portland ME. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
580 4.1. 0602- CAN: CFRA Ottawa ON. ID after the news. KM (Smøla) Edit
580 17.1. 0600- CAN: CFRA Ottawa ON. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
610 17.1. 0605- USA: WIOD Miami FL. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
620 21.1. 0900- USA: WTMJ Milwaukee WI. Id. Fighting with VOCM. KM (Smøla) Edit
740 11.1. 0535- CAN: CBX Edmonton AB. CBC news. KM (Smøla) Edit
790 19.1. 0930- USA: KFGO Fargo ND. Id. New state for me! KM (Smøla) Edit
790 26.1. 0725-0735 USA: WPRV, Providence, RI. Id after RER and local ads “AM-790”. QRM from R. Reloj + another NA. (Possible id of the NY station earlier). KM (Smøla) Edit
840 12.1. 0535- USA: WHAS Louisville KY. id “News Radio 840 WHAS”. Quick reply from v/s Kelly Carls Regional Programming Manager, iHeartMedia. KM (Smøla) Edit
890 11.1. 1030- CAN: CJDC Dawson Creek BC. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
920 11.1. 0115- CAN: CFRY Portage La Praire MB. id after country music. Old aquaintance. QSL from back in -75. KM (Smøla) Edit
920 19.1. 0525- CAN: CKNX Wingham ON. ID. KM (Smøla) Edit
920 17.1. 0555- USA: WHJJ Providence RI. id. E-mail v/s Bill George, Program & News Director. KM (Smøla) Edit
930 8.1. 0145- CAN: CJCA Edmonton AB. religious px // web. KM (Smøla) Edit
930 11.1. 0515- CAN: CJCA Edmonton AB. ID “AM 930 the light”. KM (Smøla) Edit
950 8.1. 0150- CAN: CFAM Altona MB. //web. Had an announcement between two classical pieces. Sent a report and got QSL from Ed Siemens, Engineer. KM (Smøla) Edit
960 17.1. 0830- USA: WEAV Plattsburg NY. Id. “960 The Zone” + WEAV. KM (Smøla) Edit
970 13.1. 0700- USA: WZAN Portland ME. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
980 14.1. 0630- CAN: CHRF Montréal QC.. //Web. QSL Jan 26 from Yvan Ruel at Radio Fierté, as this station is called. KM (Smøla) Edit
1140 8.1. 0200- CAN: CHRB High River AB. Ending program “Focus on the Family” // web. After that I found no more from the area. Signals faded out. QSL from Mr. Jay Penner, Station Manager. KM (Smøla) Edit
1150 25.1. 0830- USA: WHBY Kimberly, WI. id after “Coast to Coast”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1190 11.1. 0200- USA: WLIB New York NY. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1240 22.1. 0903- USA: WSNJ Bridgeton, NJ. My short and rather poor recording with id was confirmed by John A. Salvatore, Operations Manager. KM (Smøla) Edit
1250 2.1. 0745-0800 CAN: CJYE Oakville ON. ID 0800. KM (Smøla) Edit
1280 21.1. 0920- USA: WNAM Neenah-Menasha, WI. Nice jingle followed by a Don Mc.Lean song. KM (Smøla) Edit
1290 8.1. 0155- CAN: CFRW Winnipeg MB. // web. KM (Smøla) Edit
1290 4.1. 0115-0120 CAN: CJBK London ON. Puerto Cabello was almost gone. Good id at 01.20. KM (Smøla) Edit
1300 20.1. 0255- USA: WXRL Lancaster NY. KM (Smøla) Edit
1320 4.1. 0905-0910 CAN: CJMR Oakville ON. ID. Then the intense QRN took over. KM (Smøla) Edit
1330 22.1. 0900- USA: WRCA Boston MA. Id followed by “Electric Comedy Hour” by Jeremy. (Heard it before, but no QSL yet). Finally QSL from v/s Stu Fink, General Manager who says this is one of the best recordings he had heard from DX-ers. KM (Smøla) Edit
1360 18.1. 1000- USA: WTAQ Green Bay WI. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1380 4.1. 0900- CAN: CKPC Brantford ON. ID. KM (Smøla) Edit
1400 21.1. 0607- USA: WOND Pleasantville NJ. “News Radio WOND”. QSL v/s Dave Coskey says he has posted a card in the mail. KM (Smøla) Edit
1410 2.1. 0510- CAN: CJWI Montreal QC. Finally got an id: CPAM Radio Union. KM (Smøla) Edit
1440 17.1. 0200- USA: WRED Westbrook ME. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1450 3.1. 0455-0500 USA: WPGG Atlantic City NJ. Repeated announcements: “Thanks for listening to talk radio WPG”. Fighting with a station with nostalgic music. KM (Smøla) Edit
1450 6.1. 0905- USA: WPGG Atlantic City NJ. id “1450 WPG Talk Radio”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1450 9.1. 0930- USA: WPGG Atlantic City NJ. id “WPG”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1450 2.1. 0900- USA: WPSE Erie PA. ID “WPSE – Your money station” found on the recording. Thanks for that tip, OJS and ABU. KM (Smøla) Edit
1450 18.1. 0905- USA: WPSE Erie PA. ID. Tnx OJS. KM (Smøla) Edit
1490 18.1. 0900- USA: WBAE Portland ME. ID. “WBAE AM 1490”. Tnx OJS. KM (Smøla) Edit
1590 4.1. 0130- USA: WAKR Akron OH. Id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1590 1.1. 2300- USA: WARV, Warwick, RI. ID. My first RI. Good cx. Many early east coast stations. Checked VOCM 590 at 2045 and it was booming in. KM (Smøla) Edit
1640 4.1. 0140- USA: WTNI Biloxi MS. sport tlk. Southern Net IMG sports network. // web. QSL from Ricky Mitchell, Vice President/Market Manager. KM (Smøla) Edit
1650 4.1. 0135- CAN: CJRS Montreal QC. id “1650 AM CR Radio” Yiddish program followed. (LOL! CR is WC in Philippines). KM (Smøla) Edit
1670 2.1. 0730- CAN: CJEU Gattineau-Ottawa QC. Barneprogram. Id på halvtimen. KM (Smøla) Edit
1680 4.1. 0105- USA: WTTM Lindenworld NJ. // web. Weak. Faded out before id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1690 4.1. 0030- CAN: CHTO Toronto ON. KM (Smøla) Edit
Central America
940 27.1. 0630- PTR: WIPR San Juan PR. “940 AM” id. V/S info? No luck with e-mails yet. KM (Smøla) Edit
1020 2.1. 0110- CUB: Radio Reloj. Svak i bakgrunnen med sin sedvanlig klokkelyd. Kjempet med annen stn. KM (Smøla)Edit
1120 13.1. 2210-2220 PTR: WMSW Hatillo PR. //web. KM (Smøla) Edit
1470 28.1. 0115- PTR: WKCK Orocovis, PR. loud signal at the time with “Radio Cumbre” id before Hector Rodriguez with noticias. Any recent v/s info? I see ABU and others have QSL some years ago. KM (Smøla) Edit
1620 5.1. 0110-0115 VIR: WDHP Frederiksted . Sports talk // Web. KM (Smøla) Edit
1660 4.1. 0055-0100 PTR: WGIT Canovanas PR. An EE station under this one with sport was more interesting, but got no id. KM (Smøla) Edit
South America
1220 10.1. 0810- COL: HJKR Radio Maria, Bogota. id after classical music. Catholic programming. KM (Smøla) Edit
1360 23.1. 0720- PRU: Radio Bienestar (CALL?). I posted a question on MW Circle forum and Fredrik Dourén had the solution to this uid. Lars Simms had a recording of the new station Radio Bienestar (has replaced Radio Q, says FD) which in my bad ears sounds like my “Radio Tiempo”. Also another MWC member Valter Comuzzi supports this. There is an other station on the recording which has tc UTC -5, but that is probably Oxigeno, which also is heard that day. KM (Smøla) Edit
1450 12.1. 2155-2205 BRA: ZYI561 Radio Paraense AM, Castanhal, PA. Ivan Diaz from Brasil helped me id this one. E-mail verification, using the contact address on web. KM (Smøla) Edit
1450 27.1. 0230- VEN: YVKJ Sonera 14-50 (Radio Maria). Id “Radio Maria”. Religious program (Catholic). KM (Smøla)Edit
1500 3.1. 0110- VEN: YVRZ Radio 2000, Cumaná. v/s info anyone? KM (Smøla) Edit
1550 23.1. 0900- COL: HJCV Radio El Sol, Barranquilla. KM (Smøla) Edit
1616 25.1. 0055-0100 HOL: Radio Barones. off at 0100. KM (Smøla) Edit
1620 9.1. 1840- HOL: R. Sterrekijher, Coevorden, Drenthe. id. Impossible for me to understand. Checked by Arvid Husdal. KM (Smøla) Edit
1630 6.1.         -2155 HOL: Radio Marjanne. signing off. KM (Smøla) Edit
1632 25.1. 0100- HOL: Radio Moby Dick. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1650 3.1. 0735- F: CROSS weather station for the channel area. weather bulletin in French. Any v/s info? KM (Smøla)Edit

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