About me

Current radios: 3 SDRs (with SDR anywhere open software) with 2x 700 meter beverage antennas on Smöla, 290 and 315 degrees owned by the old Norwegian DXLC members.


DX-ing has been my hobby since 1966 when I was 13 years old. I was listening to shortwave broadcast stations and pirate radio stations on medium wave (offshore stations) in the early years, trying to get QSL-cards from as many countries and stations as possible, using first a Radionette Symfoni, and a portable radio. Both got worn out unfortunately after some time.

Then in 67 or 68, I bought a K.W.E.A, a German 2nd ww radio from a HAM for 100 NOK. Heavy shit, it weighs about 40 kgs.


Swapped that later together with a L.W.E.A (which I got free from an other person when he moved) with an even larger Collins receiver


Sold that to a collector in Sweden in 1991 after my wife didn’t appreciate that beast staying in the bedroom.

I got my Amateur Radio licence in 1970 as LA2TO, and have been DX-ing and doing Ham radio somewhat irregularly over the years since then. I liked contests and DX-hunting on HAM radio.

An ICOM IC 735 was purchased in the early 80-ies and used that on MW listening also, after an electronic engineer helped me modify it so it didn’t take in the big signals so much on AM.

Total number of countries verified during the active years as DX-er: 150 (EDXC countries list). Number of broadcasting stations: 446

As a HAM I have got confirmed 255 DXCC countries.

I like listening to Trans Atlantic signals on the tropical bands and medium wave band.

Have been inactive as DX-er since early 1990-ies. Because DX-ing from an appartement in Oslo gives me nothing.

Recently, in 2012, our old DX-Listeners Club was closed down and the assets used to establish three SDRs at Smöla island. So old members can use it.

I am happy I can still sit in my appartement and listen to the signals on these SDRs with two 700 meter long beverage antennas directed 290 and 315 degrees.


In the old days we sent letters with return postage, hoping to get a QSL from the stations. Now it is much faster communication with e-mail, facebook, twitter etc.

Family situation: Married 25 years. 2 sons 14 and 21 years.

Work: Skanfil Auksjoner AS, Norway’s leading auction house for stamps, coins and collectibles.


Number of countries has increased to 152 since the new beginning. Number of stations has increased to 537.

List of trans atlantic QSLs updated April 20, 2015


Canada QSLs

Central America QSLs

South America QSLs